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Club news & details updated to 15 July 2019

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We are an amateur cricket team based in Hackney, London
We play mid-week evening league cricket in Victoria Park (see map)
We play friendly weekend games in and around London

New players always welcome! Contact us here...

2019 midweek and weekend fixtures here...
Midweek batting and bowling averages for 2018 here...
Highest innings totals here...

2nd VIII lose to MUFG by 3 wickets (15 July 2019)
They lost to MUFG
Smiling despite the MUFG hurt: (Standing L-R): Jack Turner, Graham McGee, Jack Wright, Philip Barrass;
(kneeling L-R) Samsuddin Tipu, Hassan Khan, Ilyas Mansha, Jack Holmes                             Photo: Tim Castle  

We lose to Oakfield Parkonians by 51 runs (13 July 2019)
They lost to Oakfield Parkonians
Smiling before the beating: Standing (L-R): Gaurav Prabhu, Mo Najeeb, Kevin Taylor, Jack Turner, Waqas Hashmi, Vishnu Dubey; (sitting L-R): Tim Castle, Gavin Hyder, Hassan Khan, Ilyas Mansha, John Shaw.  

1st VIII beat Rose & Crown by 2 wickets (9 July 2019)
They beat Rose and Crown
Crowned with glory: (L-R): Tim Castle, Shameer Qureshi, Muhammed Junaid, Bilal Qureshi, Jack Turner, Moazam Sultan; (not shown) Jabar Achakzai, Umair Shahzad                                                  Photo by George Watson 

2nd VIII beat Phoenix All-Stars by 40 runs (9 July 2019)
They beat Phoenix
Risen from the Phoenix ashes: (Standing L-R): Jonathan Stebbins, Jack Holmes, Graham McGee, John Shaw; (kneeling L-R) Hassan Khan, Vishnu Dubey                                                 

We lose to Hobgoblin Nobads by 5 wickets (7 July 2019)
They lost to Hobgoblin Nomads
Hobbled by the Nomads: Standing (L-R): John Shaw, Syed Shah, Azaz Khalil, Momammed Junaid, Vishnu Dubey,
Ali Sufyan; (kneeling L-R): Peter Frisby, Tim Castle, Hassan Khan, Graham McGee, Jack Turner.  
Photo by Steve Hamilton 

We beat Ilford Catholics 4th XI by 5 wickets (6 July 2019)
Shoulder to shoulder
Shoulder to shoulder against Ilford C:  (L-R): Sayed Abedul Hasan, Hasnain Khawaja, Jonathan Stebbins, Steve Hamilton, Ataaib Khan, Mohammed Najeeb, Suhaib Aslam, Waqas Hashmi, Ahmed Nisar      

2nd VIII lose by 20 runs to Victoria Lounge (3 July 2019)
The lost to Victoria Lounge
Unvictorious loungers: (standing L-R) Jack Turner, Graham McGee, Samsuddin Tipu, Jonathan Stebbins, John Shaw; (kneeling L-R) Jack Holmes, Hassan Khan, Vishnu Dubey; (not shown) Matt Wake              Photo: Tim Castle    

We lose to Cincinnati by 45 runs (30 June 2019)
Lunch with Cincinnati
Quality cuppa: (far right) Peter Frisby and Mohammed Junaid enjoying biryani and a cup of tea during the interval atainst Cincinnati.                                                                                                           Photo: Steve Hamilton

1st VIII lose to Rose & Crown by 4 wickets (27 June 2019)
They lost to Rose and Crown
Kneeling before the Crown: (Standing L-R) Syed Shah, Anthony Banks, Sheraz Shahid, Muhammed Junaid, Moazam Sultan; (kneeling L-R) Rav Matharu, Suhail Shaid, Laurie Roberts                                   Photo by George Watson

2nd VIII lose to Pacific by 72 runs (27 June 2019)
They lost to Pacific
Sunk by the Pacific: (Standing L-R) Philip Barrass, Jonathan Stebbins, Jack Wright, Steve Hamilton
(kneeling L-R) Jack Holmes, Yasir Ali, Hassan Khan; (not shown) Jonathan Freedland              Photo by Tim Castle

1st VIII beat Mile Tailenders by 25 runs (19 June 2019)
They beat Mile Tailenders
Tailender beaters: (Standing L-R) Sayed Shah, Farhad Waquar, Ollie Wrighton, Laurie Roberts
(kneeling L-R) Sheraz Shahid, Suhail Shahid, Rav Matharu; (lying) Tim Castle                           

2nd VIII lose to L&Q LIving by 10 runs (19 June 2019)
They lost to L&Q Living
A crescent of cricketers vs L&Q: (L-R) Philip Barrass, Jack Turner, Matt Wake, Ilyas Mansha, Jack Holmes, Ollie Gold,
Vishnu Dubey, Hassan Khan                                                                           Photo: Steve Hamilton                           

We lose to Oakfield Parkonians by 27 runs (16 June 2019)
Farhad Waqar top scorer
High octane player: Top scorer Farhad Waquar before (or after?) his 80 against Oakfield Parkonians
                                                                                                                                  Photo: Steve Hamilton 

We lose to South Loughton by 9 wickets (9 June 2019)

2nd VIII lose to Royal Strikers by 22 runs (6 June 2019)
They lost to Royal Strikers
Smiling despite the damp: (Standing L-R) Yasir Ali, John Shaw, Matt Wake, Philip Barrass, Faisel Mahboob;
(kneeling L-R) Tim Castle, Jack Holmes, Graham McGee, Hassan Khan                            

1st VIII beat London Fields by 6 wickets (3 June 2019)

2nd VIII lose to Mad Marrocas by 36 runs (3 June 2019)
They lost to Mad Morrocas
Madly Marroca'd: (Standing L-R) Ahmed Nisar, Graham McGee, Jack Turner, Jonathan Stebbins; (kneeling L-R)   Vishnu Dubey, Ollie Gold, Jack Wright, Tim Castle                                                    Photo: John Shaw

We beat Homerton by 6 wickets (2 June 2019)
Away against Homerton
Quick work v Homerton: Openers Ammar Malji & Atik Sindha have a chat mid-wicket after propelling the score to 60 off six overs.                                                                                                           Photo: Steve Hamilton

2nd VIII lose to Wapping Dolphins by 55 runs (30 May 2019)

We lose to Upminster by 109 runs (26 May 2019)
Old Fallopians bat v Upminster
Grey clouds over Upminster: Jack Turner faces the onslaught.                        Photo: Steve Hamilton

1st VIII beat Millwall by 2 wickets (21 May 2019)

2nd VIII beat Sports Interactive by 6 wickets (21 May 2019)
They beat Sports Interactive
Serious sportsmen vs Interactive: (Standing L-R) Jack Wright, Steve Hamilton, Naveen Kumar, Jonathan Stebbins, John Shaw; (kneeling L-R) Philip Barras, Matt Wake, Ollie Gold, Jack Holmes                            Photo: Tim Castle

We lose to North London Infernos by 4 wickets (19 May 2019)
Grey clouds before North London Infernos
Cloudy omens before the Infernos: An Old Fallopian (Vishnu Dubey or is it Umair Shahzad?) practice at the ground in Finchley before the match starts   

1st VIII lose to Super Rangers by 6 runs (14 May 2019)

2nd VIII beat Phoenix All-Stars by 2 wickets (14 May 2019)
They beat Phoenix
Starry-eyed v Phoenix: (Standing L-R) Philip Barrass, Jack Holmes, Samsuddin Tipu, Jonathan Stebbins;
(kneeling L-R) Kafh Hasan, Ollie Gold, Matt Wake, Ilyas Mansha                                       Photo: Tim Castle

We beat Holtwhites Trinibis by 1 wicket (12 May 2019)
They beat Holtwhite Trinibis
End-of-day winners v Trinibis: (Standing L-R) Ahmed Nisar, Kafh Hasan, Syed Hussian, Gaurav Prabhu,
Steve Hamilton, Vishal Sharma, Sam Clough, John Shaw; (kneeling L-R) Graham Mcgee, Azaz Khalil, Jack Turner 

1st VIII tie with London Tigers (7 May 2019)

2nd VIII lose by 1 wicket to MUFG (7 May 2019)
They almost beat MUFG
Pipped at the post v MUFG: (Standing L-R) Graham McGee, Jonathan Stebbins, Samsuddin Tipu, Faisel Mahboob, Jack Wright; (kneeling L-R) Jack Holmes, Matt Wake, Philip Barrass                                           Photo: Tim Castle

We beat Woodford Green by 6 wickets (5 May 2019)
OF victors v Woodford Green
New season cheer: OF victors at Woodford - (L-R) Syed Hussian, Gaurav Prabhu, Imran Khan, Umair Shahzad, Sam Clough, Milu Aslam, Steve Hamilton, Vishnu Dubey, Ahmed Nisar, John Shaw

We lose to South Loughton by 9 wickets (28 April 2019)
Dubey and Nisar
Calm before the storm: (L-R) Old Fallopians openers v South Loughton, Vishnu Dubey and Ahmed Nisar

We lose to Orsett & Thurrock by 64 runs (29 Sept 2018)

We beat Maylands Green by 236 runs (16 Sept 2018)
2nd-highest ever score of 326-5 - see statistics

We lose to Hobgoblin Nomads by 7 wickets (16 Sept 2018)

We beat Orsett & Thurrock by 7 wickets (9 Sept 2018)
Orsett and Thurrock
A perfect day: OF's Mahbub Ahsan at the crease on his way to a quick-fire 50 against Orsett & Thurrock              Photo: Steve Hamilton

We lose to Oakfield Parkonians by 18 runs (9 Sept 2018)

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We play mid-week evening cricket in Victoria Park (see map), in Tower Hamlets (next to Hackney)
We also play weekend games at a number of locations in and around London
Players always needed!

See some Old Fallopians on the stage with The Victoria Park Players

Who were we? See the mugshots
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