July 4, 2000 vs Tower Ravens Lost by six wickets

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Fallopians pipped at the post
Ravens steal victory with two balls to spare

By the Editor (Tim Castle)

This was their finest hour; the most accurate bowling, the most resolute batting, the most assiduous fielding. All in vain; was it those missed byes off Wardle's bowling, or that boundary that Frisby never saved? 

No matter; in the final over, in the closing dusk, in the relentless drizzle, TH Dao struck through mid-on and the game was over. 

The Tower Ravens had won and the Old Fallopians had lost, four points to the victors, flat beer on damp seats for the vanquished. 

What should we mention? Clarke's noble 16, Idle's season high 33 or Dummett's 41 thrash? Wardle's and Castle's first wickets of the season? Rooney's fielding?  Or the catch that Sultanti dropped? 

It was raining. Ever so faintly at first, during the Fallopians' innings. Heavily, between innings. All while the Fallopians were in the field a steady spray fell..

We thought we had enough runs. Sufficient to avenge the shame of May 30. Our bowling was tight. But then the gaps appeared. They started taking singles. They lost two wickets but then no more. 

The pressure built up. They kept taking singles. Got the odd boundary. Sultanti dropped a catch. The last over. Just four needed. 

A single. A dot ball. A single. Then Dao connected and it was all over.

So unfair. We played our best. 

But best isn't good enough in the Victoria Park Community Cricket League Division Two. We've gotta be better than best.

We've gotta be....  in Division Three?

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Old Fallopians 122 for 3, Tower Ravens 123 for 2, 
Tower Ravens won by six wickets

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Old Fallopians (won toss, chose to bat)
  How out Bowler Runs Sixes Fours
Jeremy Clarke bowled Patel 16   2
Jon Idle bowled Patel 33   5
Mark Dummett ct MA Chowdhury Patel 41 3 4
Andrew Wardle not out   13    
John Rooney not out   6    
Extras (nb 2, w 8, b 2, lb 1) 13    


Tim Castle, Dave Sultanti, Peter Frisby did not bat
Fall of wickets: 1-51, 2-77, 3-109
  Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Mark Stonebridge 4 0 16 0
AH Chowdhury 4 0 31 0
Idris Patel 4 0 24 3
Owen Williams 1 0 22 0
Progress: 0-17 (4 overs), 0-49 (8), 2-80 (12) 3-122 (16)
Tower Ravens
  How out Bowler Runs Sixes Fours
Mark Stonebridge bowled Castle 7    
Idris Patel lbw Wardle 40    
Owen Williams not out   39    
TH Dao not out   15    
Extras (nb 5, w 10, b 7) 22    
Total 123    
AH Chowdhury, MA Chowdhury, Paul William, James Petevinou
did not bat
Fall of wickets: 1-32, 2-82
  Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Dave Sultanti 2 0 23 0
Tim Castle 4 0 22 1
Peter Frisby 4 0 29 0
Andrew Wardle 3.4 0 33 1
Mark Dummett 2 0 15 0

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