June 28, 2000 vs Chats Palace Won by 58 runs

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Fallopians flay Chats
Doubts over Wardle run-out

By the Editor (Tim Castle)

Overexuberance or cold calculation? What was club veteran Peter Frisby thinking when he called skipper Andrew Wardle for a second run on the last ball of the Fallopians' innings?

Was it an irrational eagerness to add even more pressure on a wilting Chats? Or was it a plot to rob the Aussie exile of the top place in the batting averages? (Yes - Ed).

The effect was to leave the Fallopians with an unbeatable lead of 156, Frisby not out, second in the batting average and one place above the unlucky Wardle.

Had the mild-mannered Wardle refused Frisby's disasterous call, his season's best score of 52 would have made him top of the batting ranks. That desperate dash for the run that never was turned a 34.3 average into 25.8, three notches below Frisby's.

But letís draw a veil over Frisbyís folly.

Mark Dummett thrashed a quick 37 before missing a slow high one from Chatís Sarah Barnard. Chris Nagle puffed his way to a personal best of 49 and extras added another 15.

There were plenty of runs. No need for a mad dash in the last over (thatís enough - Ed).

Anyhow, Chats never had a chance. Not even with Fallopians dropping all but one of a shower of catching chances. Only Wardleís fingers showed any traces of glue.

Paul Marinko was nimble behind the stumps and David Sultanti bowled accurately.

But the dayís best bowling came from Freddie Barrass, playing while his injured father and club founder Philip dallied in Detroit.

He conceded just seven runs off his two overs making him the most economical of the clubís non-wicket takers to date.

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Old Fallopians 156 for 3, Chats Palace 98 for 3, 
Old Fallopians won by 58 runs

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Old Fallopians (won toss, chose to bat)
  How out Bowler Runs Sixes Fours Bat used
Andy Wardle Run out   52   7 V100
Mark Dummett Bowled Barnard 37 1 6 Morrant
Chris Nagle Run out   49   3 ?
Peter Frisby Not out   3     V100
Extras (nb 5, w 3, b 4, lb 1) 15      
    Total 156      
Freddie Barass, Paul Marinko, Tim Castle, David Sultanti did not bat
  Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Ossie Joseph 4 0 43 0
Sarah Barnard 4 0 39 1
Danny Counihan 4 0 32 0
Rika Wahl 4 1 30 1
Bats Innings Not out Runs Sixes Fours
Morrant 1   37 1 6
V100 4   55   7
Chats Palace
  How out Bowler Runs
Dan Counihan lbw Dummett 34
Ossie Joseph ct Wardle Dummett 43
Judith Carter run out   2
Sarah Barnard not out   0
Sabi not out   4
Extras (nb 2, w 6, b 2, lb 5) 15
  Total 98
Rika Wahl, Afzaul Chaudhury did not bat
  Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
David Sultanti 4 0 19 0
Tim Castle 4 0 32 0
Peter Frisby 2 0 14 0
Mark Dummett 4 0 18 2
Freddie Barrass 2 0 7 0



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