May 10, 2000 vs Pacific Lost by 18 runs

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Conditions: rain, overcast, grass uncut. Pacific put into bat. Only Chris Taylor's bowling penetrated. Pacific's Rob Allum devastated Wardle and Frisby's bowling. Taylor strongest Fallopian bat but out lbw. Freddie Barrass made batting debut, two not out.

Fallopians were unlucky to lose this game, but relied overly on the bowling and batting of Australian journalist and newcomer Chris Taylor, who broke the opposition's stumps twice and made the highest score of 43.
In fact, Taylor looked well set to make a debut 50 and beyond, but was given out lbw by injured club founder Philip Barrass, standing in as umpire.
Taylor, convinced he had merely middled the ball onto his pad, initially did not walk after Barrass raised his finger, thinking the signal was in jest.
But Barrass, who said he had heard the clear sound of ball hitting pad, was for once not joking and Talyor had to walk.
The side's other Australian, Andy Wardle, was below his usual faultless standard, perhaps distracted after being selected as as captain for the match.
Wardle was out for 14 after uncharacteristically missing the ball when playing a classic forward defensive.
Wardle's bowling figures were also untypical, conceding 28 off two overs after Pacific's haymaker Rob Allum dispatched his best efforts around, and over, the boundary.
The most economic bowling came from Chris Nagle, conceding only 15 from four overs, but without breaking through the Pacific defence.
Wardle had won the toss and put Pacific into bat, who dug in after losing an early wicket and piled on the runs at the end of their innnings to set a target of 142.
The Fallopian innings made a faultering start, quickly losing the wickets of the side's other debutees, Paul Marinko and Andy Barrow, out for zero and one respectively.
Taylor restored the momentum,  sending a series of high-pitched balls across the boundary, in a performance only matched by club veteran Peter Frisby, who made his second highest score ever of 33.
Freddie Barrass, the 11-year old son of the founder, was called on to play eighth man in the last over and was not out for two on his batting debut.
Although he said later he could hear his heart beating, he played through the final deliveries with stylish strokes, despite using an adult bat and adult pads.

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Pacific 142 for 4, Old Fallopians 124 for 6, Pacific won by 18 runs

Pacific (lost toss, put into bat)
  How out Bowler Runs Sixes Fours
Steve Lay bowled Taylor 9   4
Steve Emmins run out   48 2 6
John Hardisty bowled Taylor 16 1  
John Hill run out   21 3  
Rob Allum not out   31 3 4
Jim Davis not out   1    
Extras (nb 2, w 8, byes 3, leg byes 3) 16  
  Total 142
Adam Godwin and Simon Holliday did not bat
Fall of wickets: 1-13,2-38, 3-100
  Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
John Nagle 4 0 15 0
Chris Taylor 4 0 29 2
Tim Castle 2 0 24 0
Frisby 4 0 38 0
Wardle 2 0 28 0
Old Fallopians
  How out Bowler Runs Sixes Fours Bat used
Paul Marinko bowled Godwin 0     Borrowed
Andy Barrow caught Godwin Holliday 1     V100
Chris Taylor lbw Davis 43 4 3 Morrant
Andy Wardle bowled Allum 14   3 V100
Chris Nagle not out   12     V100
Tim Castle bowled Davis 6   1 Morrant
Peter Frisby run out   33 3 2 Morrant
Fred Barrass not out   2     Borrowed 
Extras (nb 1, wides 8, byes 1, leg byes 3) 13  
  Total 124
Fall of wickets: 1-1, 2-15, 3-55, 4-69, 5-78, 6-117
  Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Adam Godwin 4 0 53 1
Simon Holliday 4 0 19 1
Rob Allum 4 0 19 1
John Davis 4 0 21 2
Bats Innings Runs Sixes Fours
Morrant 3 82 7 6
V100 2 27 0 3

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