May 16, 2000 vs Grasshoppers 2 Won by 31 runs

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Thwack!: Clarke gets another one away in a previous encounter with the unlucky Grasshoppers
Clarke hits a big one

Fallopians crush Grasshoppers

Umph!: Chris Taylor connects
Umph!: Chris Taylor connects

Conditions: Dry, sunny, windy. Grass newly cut. Jeremy Clarke made season’s first 50, captain Andy Wardle returned to form with 31 not out. Strong bowling and tight fielding from Fallopians restricted Grasshoppers to running singles. 

A pleasing season’s debut for opener and keeper Jeremy Clarke (picture below), a welcome return to form – at the crease – for skipper Andy Wardle and all-round tight fielding marked this first victory of the season for the Fallopians.

The pitch was dry and bathed in evening sunlight, and the grass newly mown, leaving Wardle the easy choice of batting first after winning the toss.

Clarke and John Rooney batted solidly through the first eight overs, with the Grasshoppers’ opening bowlers clearly rusty from their winter rest.

Jeramy Clarke celebrates scoring 50Their partnership was capped at 58 with a change of bowlers, Rooney lobbing a catch off Simon Brodbeck’s quicker pace.

Clarke was finally stumped on 55 trying to thrash a loping ball from spinner Pat McGuinness, leaving the way for Wardle to build an unbeaten 31 while his batting partners fell by the wayside.

Both Paul Marinko and Chris Nagle were stumped, Marinko for his second duck.

There was confusion once again during the umpiring of injured Fallopians founder and selector Philip Barrass. Grasshoppers keeper Alf Incley had removed Nagle’s bails but Barrass, standing at square leg, asked Incley whether he had in fact had the ball in his glove at the moment of impact.

Nagle appeared reluctant to walk. Later said he knew he was out but delayed his departure in surprise that Barrass was conferring with the opposition rather than the other umpire.

Barrass saw no conflict of interest and raised the finger of doom.

Chris Taylor swished and missed for two, Tim Castle was caught for one. Peter Frisby joined Wardle through to the last over for three, giving Grasshoppers what looked like a soft target of 122.  

Andy Wardle blasts a Grasshoppers delivery
Andy Wardle blasts a Grasshoppers delivery to the boundary

But the Fallopians bowling was more accurate, faster and more threatening than the Grasshoppers', and the opposition were forced to run quick singles to make any impact.

Tight fielding all round led to three run outs, with Frisby and Nagle picking up a wicket clean bowled each.

Castle’s bowling was much improved, though his economy was spoiled by five wides. Only Wardle seemed off form, perhaps once again distracted by the captaincy, and took himself off after conceding 11 runs from his one over.

In the end the Grasshoppers batsmen were left playing for their averages and the game ended with them on 91, some 31 runs short of victory.

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Old Fallopians 122 for 6, Grasshoppers 91 for 5, 
Old Fallopians won by 31 runs

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Old Fallopians (won toss, chose to bat)
  How out Bowler Runs Sixes Fours Bat used
Jeremy Clarke stumped McGuinness 55 1 8 V100
John Rooney caught McGuinness Brodbeck 14   1 Dukes
Chris Taylor bowled Brodbeck 2     Morrant
Andy Wardle not out   31 2 2 Dukes
Paul Marinko stumped McGuinness 0     Morrant
Chris Nagle stumped Brodbeck 5   1 Morrant
Tim Castle caught Grover McGuinness 1     Morrant
Peter Frisby not out   3     Morrant
Extras (byes 3, leg byes 1, wides 6, no balls 1) 11  
  Total 122
Fall of wickets: 1-58, 2-75. 3-89, 4-89, 5-99, 6-107
  Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Paul Grover 4 0 33 0
Jake Sharland 4 0 21 0
Pat McGuinnness 4 0 29 3
Simon Brodbeck 4 0 37 3
Bats Innings Not out Runs Sixes Fours
Morrant 5 1 11   1
V100 2   55 1 8
Dukes 2 1 45 2 3
Grasshoppers 2
  How out Bowler Runs Sixes Fours
Chris Murray bowled Frisby 43   5
Tom Price run out   8    
Don Bodie run out   0    
Pat McGuinness bowled Nagle 10   2
Simon Brodbeck not out   8    
Paul Grover run out   0    
Jake Sharland not out   6   1
Extras (byes 4, leg byes 2, wides 10) 16    
  Total 91    
Alf Incley did not bat  
Fall of wickets: 1-25, 2-25, 3-42, 4-76, 5-77
  Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Chris Taylor 4 0 27 0
Chris Nagle 4 0 20 1
Andy Wardle 1 0 11 0
Tim Castle 3 0 11 0
Peter Frisby 3 0 28 1
Paul Marinko 1 0 10 0

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