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May 29, 2022 Friendly vs Pacific Won by 2 wickets

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They beat Pacific
Well-sprung: (Standing L-R) Asad Mushtaq, Azaz Kahlil, Harsh Khanna, Talal Ali, Steve Hamilton, Anas Muhammad, Mo Junaid; (Kneeling L-R) Salahuddin Zaidi, Fahim Pathan, Jakeria Ahmed, John Shaw


Played at Springfield Park
Report by Steve Hamilton

This fixture was against North London rivals Pacific who were celebrating their 2,000th game.

The weather was kind to us as we were expecting some rain interruptions. Instead we had plenty of sunshine, with temperatures hitting 20˚C.

I lost the toss and Pacific captain Murtaza Siddiqui decided to bat. However, we were in control from the start. Talal Ali removed opening batsman Ben O'Connor for 20 with a plumb lbw. A few overs later Azaz Kahlil took the wicket of Kieran McCarthy for four. It was Azazís first opening bowling spell for a couple of seasons but he did not show any signs of rustiness. His delivery forced the batter into making a fine nick behind, into the ever-reliable hands of our keeper Mo Junaid.

Our first change bowlers Jakeria Ahmed and Asad Mushtaq kept up the pressure. Jakeria was rewarded with a quick two wickets, first clean bowling opener Toby Chasseaud for 22 and in his next over removing the highly entertaining Jack Mainick. This batter was constantly going for his shots and did a full 360-degree turn at one point which left him flat on his backside! A few balls later he mistimed his shot off Jakeria's slower delivery, sending it to backward point where Salahuddin Zaidi took another superb catch in his second game.

At 72 for 4 off 17 overs we were in pole position.

Young debutant Harsh Khanna showed a lot of promise and bowled with control and accuracy which resulted in two wickets, clean bowling Simon Wedlock and Harry Rix for 13 and four respectively.

Now it was time for the battle of the day, reminiscent of Davidís battle with Goliath. At one end stood the towering figure of big hitting Muhammad Saqib who was well in his stride on 37 with eight fours. At the other end we had the Comeback Kid Ė none other than John Shaw, back after 33 months.

He showed he had lost none of his skills and was soon displaying his full repertoire of red-ball trickery. He took the key wicket of Saqib after tempting him into a big shot too many. Saqib hit the delivery cleanly towards cow corner where Jakeria Ahmed took a breath-taking catch a few yards in from the boundary. John's next victim was Jonathan Hungin for nine as he found the outside edge of the bat, sending the ball straight into Junaid's gloves.

Murtaza Siddiqui scored freely for his 30 not out, to give Pacific a reasonable total of 181 for 8 off 40 overs.

We were very confident of chasing down the total, after having scored 272 and 249 in our two previous games. But would reaching 182 be a walk in the Springfield Park? Only time would tell!

Jakeria and Asad put on 45 for our first wicket, before Jakeria was bowled by the awkward leftie Hungin for an exhilarating 26 which included six fours. Junaid's innings was an exciting but brief 20 which included three fours and one almighty six over deep square. Huginís left-hand deliveries caused problems for Junaid who never quite connected cleanly, resulting in a simple catch for Mainick at mid-off.

Nonetheless, at 83 for 2 off 15 overs we were in the driving seat.

Asad played a delightful innings full of class and elegance with some particularly handsome straight drives. He scored a well-deserved half century which included ten fours for his 54.

Anas and Azaz both got starts but never went on, scoring 23 and 19 respectively. At 140 for 3 off 25 overs things started to turn and we were struck by a mini-collapse!

We lost six wickets for just 40 runs and at 176 for 8 our chase was looking extremely vulnerable. But no fear! Fahim Pathan was here! He comfortably took us home with two eye-catching straight drives for four to cross the line with two wickets to spare.

Scorecard below photo 

  John and Peter on the boundary
Boundary view: Old Fallopians enjoy the sunshine as the match progresses.


Pacific 181-8 (40 overs)
Ben O'Connor     lbw       b Ali    20
Toby Chasseaud             b Ahmed  22
Kieran McCarthy  ct Junaid b Khalil  4
Jack Mainick     ct Zaidi  b Ahmed  16
Simon Wedlock              b Khanna 13
Muhammad Saqib   ct Ahmed  b Shaw   32
Harry Rix                  b Khanna  4
Jonathan Hungin  ct Junaid b Shaw    9
Murtaza Siddiqui not out            30
Ahmed Hussain    not out             1
Extras (b 17, lb 3, w 9, nb 1)      30
Total                              181

Talal Ali      5-1-20-1
Azaz Kahlil    5-1-18-1
Jakeria Ahmed  6-1-23-2
Asad Mushtaq   8-1-44-0
Harsh Khanna   5-1-11-2
John Shaw      5-0-30-2
Fahim Pathan   4-1-18-0
Steve Hamilton 2-1-9-0

Old Fallopians 184-8 (34 overs)
Jakeria Ahmed                 b Hungin  26
Asad Mushtaq     ct Hungin    b Rix     54
Mo Junaid        ct Mainick   b Hungin  20
Anas Muhammad    ct Chasseaud b Rix     23
Azaz Kahlil      ct Rix       b Wedlock 19
Salahuddin Zaidi lbw          b Hungin  11
Talal Ali        ct Chasseaud b Nair     6
Harsh Khanna                  b Hungin   0
Fahim Pathan     not out                 8
Steve Hamilton   not out                 0
Extras (b 7, lb 1, w 6, nb 3)           17
Total 184

Manav Nair      6-0-31-1
Simon Wedlock   8-2-32-1
Jonathan Hungin 7-0-37-4
Harry Rix       8-1-38-2
Ahmed Hussain   5-0-32-0

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