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June 11, 2023 Friendly vs HT Libraries Won by 1 run

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They beat HT Libraries
Bookworms: (Standing L-R) Sreekanth Surendran, Waseem Furqan, Fahim Pathan, Steve Hamilton, Peter Frisby, Asad Mushtaq; (kneeling L-R) Saiteja Garikapati, Goddalla Srinivasrao, Azaz Khalil, Jonathan Stebbins, Jack Turner


Played at Holtwhites Sports & Social Club, Enfield
Report by Jack Turner

On a searingly hot day in Enfield, one of the great cricketing rivalries continued between Old Fallopians and HT Libraries. It seems a close finish is guaranteed every time we both face off, and this match was no exception.

With captain Steve Hamilton winning the toss and electing to bat, the Fallopians were spared the worst of the early afternoon sun, but it was not long before the heat was turned up by the Librarians. In just the second over of the match, HT’s Uday, with a metronomic line and length got one to hold up in the pitch and Asad Mushtaq was gone for a duck from a leading edge, looping a catch to short cover. Waseem Furqan followed shortly afterwards in the 4th over, after an aggressive stroke was caught in the outfield, as Uday again worked his magic to leave the Fallopians at 13 for 2.

Sreekanth Surendran and Azaz Khalil came together and steadied the ship. Azaz counterpunched with some crisp boundaries and smart running, and Sree hit a lovely four through the offside before unfortunately falling LBW for 6, again to that man Uday.

I joined Azaz in the middle, keen to support an Az innings that was quickly becoming crucial to Fallopians’ fortunes in the match. I contributed 17 to a partnership of 24 before being bowled by Uday, attempting an inexplicable pull shot to a ball that was essentially half-volley length.

This brought Jonathan Stebbins to the crease, fresh from a midweek half-century to join Azaz. The experienced pair put on 57 together with a mixture of classic timing, powerful hitting, and scampered running. By the time Jonathan departed, missing a straight one from Jones for nice cameo of 26, Azaz had brought up his 50 and was looking increasingly assured.

  Jonathan Stebbins
        Jonathan Stebbins eyes up a smash                                            Photo: Jack Turner

Goddalla ‘Sri’ Srinivasrao strode out looking in the mood to up the tempo, and he did not disappoint. He struck two giant sixes down the ground to go with his five boundaries. Sri’s efforts swung momentum back to the Fallopians and it was a pleasure to watch the young all rounder’s 40 runs. Azaz at the other end was no doubt grateful for the support, as boundary hitting at this stage far preferable than quick doubles, given he had been batting for 27 overs.

With the score at 166, Sri was caught in the deep and Fahim Pathan came to the crease looking to support Az to his century. Batting steadily and patiently for a classy 15, Fahim almost saw Az through to his century, but the number 3 fell agonisingly short on 90, finally bowled by Mihir. What an innings from Az once again – 13 fours in a knock of genuine class that showed grit, timing, power, and touch.

  Azaz Khalil
        Azaz swings on his way to 90                                           Photo: Jack Turner

Fallopian royalty Steve Hamilton and Peter Frisby combined in the death overs of the innings for a last wicket partnership of 17 which was to prove incredibly valuable around three hours later. Frisby swept a beautiful four, and Steve’s 9 not out included one delicious cover drive boundary, and another driven four a little straighter through mid-off. Hamilton’s shot locker is deeper than he lets on! Fallopians completed their overs with a tally of 239.

  Steve Hamilton and Peter Frisby
        The Fallopians' own royal couple - Steve Hamilton and Peter Frisby                     Photo: Jack Turner

I will be honest here, lads. It took me three weeks to get around to writing this report, and the opposition’s scorecard looks pretty, but it isn’t exactly accurate or fully completed. So here is my best effort based on my patchy memory (my fault) and the opposition’s lack of detail (their fault).

HT’s reply got off to the worst possible start. After a pedestrian opening five overs that yielded only 10 runs, opener Kevin Tew called through a single from the non-striker’s end and ran himself out. The above description does not do justice to the fielding from Sreekanth Surendran down at fine leg, who threw the stumps down from fully 40 yards with a bullet arm.

Opening bowlers Waseem and Asad bowled very tidily without any luck at all in the wickets column as Mark D and Evans scored consistently, but without urgency. Fielding was key during the first half of the HT innings, and every Fallopian played his part superbly. Peter ‘Iron Ankles’ Frisby in the covers saved countless runs, Fahim, Sri, Sree and Jonathan raced around the outfield saving boundaries – every bowler was well backed up by the men in the deep.

Sri was on the money during his 8 overs, and was unlucky not to have Evans caught behind, after his appeal was given not out despite what appeared to be a clear and obvious inside edge. Sri eventually got his man for 26, feathering a beautiful outswinger into my gloves behind the stumps.

By the time Gareth G joined Mark D in the middle, things were getting tense. It took an inspired fielding change, suggested by Waseem, to bring mid-off up for Azaz’s bowling and it paid off. Mark D was well set on 85 and looking well on his way to winning the game for HT. Then Azaz swung one in that was scooped high into the late afternoon sky and pouched at mid-off by Jonathan. The game was once again in the balance.

The tide turned towards Fallopians thanks to some more fantastic fielding. A miscued drive from Dave G went to extra cover, Az collected with a one handed pick up and fizzed it in to me to whip the bails off for the second run out of the innings.

Gareth G was hanging around and looking dangerous. Fallopian nerves were not helped by a missed stumping opportunity. The batter charged a flighted Sreekanth delivery that gripped and turned sharply, but Jack ‘Frying Pan Hands’ Turner (yes, me!) clanged the chance and the game looked close to gone. Nerves were settled shortly afterwards as Sri returned to mop up Mihir after a lobbed drive was expertly caught by Waseem at mid-on.

More chipping away at the total left HT Libraries needing 13 from the final over of the innings. Asad took the ball, and the first three deliveries were close to perfect.

A scampered two off the first ball left 11 from 5 needed. The 2nd delivery was top of off and a dot ball. 11 from 4. A single from the third delivery left the more experienced and well set Gareth G on strike.

Gareth was on 75 and clearly the danger man and 10 from 3 was eminently gettable for him. Asad sent down the perfect inswinging yorker and cleaned him up, sparking wild Fallopian celebrations. What a delivery at such a crunch time in the match! Cometh the hour cometh the man.

The final two balls were both sent to the boundary, but in truth, after that 4th ball of the over, the result was never in doubt. A brilliant batting display from Azaz, Sri, Jonathan, and Faheem, plus a tail wag from Peter and Steve set up what was a superb effort in the field from everyone. Cricket was the winner … scratch that, Old Fallopians were the winners … by one bloody run.

What a game.



Old Fallopians 239 (38.1 overs)
Waseem Furqan        ct D Garnsworthy b Uday     4
Asad Mushtaq         ct Jones         b Uday     0
Azaz Khalil                           b Mihir   90
Sreekanth Surendran  lbw              b Uday     6
Jack Turner                           b Uday    17
Jonathan Stebbins                     b Jones   26
Goddalla Srinivasrao                  b Tinashe 40
Fahim Pathan         ct Arjan         b Jones   15
Saiteja Garikapati                    b Mihir    0
Peter Frisby       lbw                b Jones    8
Steve Hamilton     not out                       9
Extras (lb 6, b 15, w 2, nb 1)                  24
Total                                          239

Tinashe 6-0-35-1
Uday    8-1-32-4
Mihir   6-0-39-2
Jones   7.1-0-50-3
Arjan   8-0-38-0
Evans   3-0-24-0

HT Libraries 238-7 (40 overs)
Kevin   run out                            9
Mark D  ct Stebbins b Khalil              85
Evans   ct Turner   b Srinivasrao         26
Tinashe             b Stebbins             7
Gareth G            b Mushtaq             73
Dave    run out                            0
Mihir   ct Furqan   b Srinivasrao          7
Vijay   not out                            5
Arjan   not out                            5
Extras (lb 3, b 1, w 11, nb 1, penalty 5) 21
Total                                    238

Waseem Furqan        8-1-26-0
Asad Mushtaq         8-1-44-1
Goddalla Srinivasrao 8-0-64-2
Sreekanth Surendran  8-1-42-0
Jonathan Stebbins    2-0-17-1
Steve Hamilton       4-0-28-0
Azaz Kahlil          2-0-7-1

Old Fallopians won by 1 run

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