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Squad photos | Club history (as told by Philip Barrass)

The Old Fallopians play in a mid-week evening league - the Victoria Park Community Cricket League 
- on all-weather pitches in Victoria Park, Tower Hamlets, east London, England. 
The games are eight-a-side, sixteen overs each, bowlers each limited to four overs.
We also play friendly 11-a-side games at weekends at various locations. 

Next to the pitches are three newly refurbished all-weather nets. 

New players always welcome, all abilities.

Click here to see photos of the squad

Derek Underwood at Victoria Park

Derek Underwood at Victoria Park!: but who's the bloke in the dodgy hat?
Former Kent and England bowler Derek "Deadly" Underwood came to Victoria Park in January 2005 to quote for rebuilding the cricket nets. 
Old Fallopians photographer (and some time player) Philip Barrass was there to record the moment.


How did it all start?
The Old Fallopians
came into being, apparently spontaneously, a decade ago. The most widely accepted view is that they evolved from a genetically modified crap (carp?) that had become stranded in the major sewer running under Victoria Park in London’s celebrated “East End”. Click here to read more of Mr Barrass's ramblings


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