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David Sultanti's report from the League AGM 
Held at the Pub on the Park, Wednesday February 21, 2001


Minutes of the meeting  (f**tnotes by Tim Castle)

David: ace reporter
  1. Apologies for absence - Had not yet arrived
  2. Minutes from last meeting - Almost there
  3. Chairman's report - Chaining bike
  4. Treasure's report - Seated and wondering who these people are
  5. Fixture's secretary report - Dull and decided the chair is not in control
  6. Proposal for 3 divisions - Voted against, lost 4-3, 1 abstention. Much discussion. People ask me who I am. Constitution view. Chair suggest it be effective as of 2002. Passed. I decide chair is in control.
  7. Wray Crescent to be used
  8. Boundary extension - I vote against. More discussion. Chair again has no control. Letter to be written to Tower Hamlets.
  9. Use of Neutral Empires - Decided unworkable, no vote.
  10. New team. - I nominate the New Fallopians, have not discussed with Freddie.
  11. 2000 Code of Law - Starts to get very boring, I begin to loose interest. Something to be distributed.
  12. Awards - Changed to divisional.*
  13. Champions vs. Presidents VIII - To continue
  14. Elections - You were there.**
  15. Change of bank - I suggest Nationwide. Advised, by some bloke in yellow, to shut up.
  16. League fees - I went quite. ***
  17. Any other business - John**** butted in with something or other. 

* Changed to award for top scorer and top wicket-taker in each division
** Chairman said he would stay on for another season, but would find a replacement for next year.
Sarah Barnard stepped down as adminstrator, but said would continue as treasurer. Says she wants to concentrate on arranging her marriage due March 2002.
*** These are 200 for season and have to be paid by March 1
**** John Rooney, who asked whether the quality of match balls could be improved. Said they like rocks and destroying bats in the nets. Was told by chair that quality of balls had improved and they would try and get best balls for money available.


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