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Annual General Meeting of The Old Fallopians Cricket Club
January 28, 2008
Held at The Counting House, 50 Cornhill, EC3V 3PD

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Philip Barrass (PB), David Sultanti (DS), Tim Castle (TC), Robert Press (RP), Rafe Smallman (RS), Ed Paleit (EP), Russell Balkind (RB) and Paul Hosking (PH).

Mark Venables, Peter Henry, Darren Tempany, Peter Frisby, Richard Griffiths, Jonathan Stebbins, Joe Swift, Alistair Bayliss, AK Southey, Justin Roy and Paul Spackman.

Midweek Accounts
TC described the midweek accounts. The accounts showed a current defecit of £169 and a projected deficit of £188. One reason for this deficit is the inclusion of the website costs in the accounts which had never been done before. After some discussion it was decided that there would be an increase in the cost of weekend nets which would be set at £5 and the match fee for the midweek matches would be £6.

RP said that there should be a stocktake of both teams kits to see what was needed for the new season.

The midweek accounts were signed off.

Weekend Accounts
The weekend accounts are also in deficit. In light of this it was decided to increase the weekend match fee to £13.

Proposal by RB to charge a £5 membership fee and maintain the weekend match fee at £12

Proposals for a slogan for the Old Fallopians
After some discussion the following suggestions were made.

One out all out
When we have foreigners we are good
One brings five
We are ten.
He who turns up plays.
Always enthusiastic
Yes No Sorry
Don’t blame me
Run John run
All (Out) For One

It was decided that, once DS had ascertained which players wanted to remain on the mailing lists, RB would manage a vote by majority to choose a slogan. Said slogan would then be translated into Latin by EP.

Should the Old Fallopians adopt a haka?

Should we fix our home ground or continue with the status quo?
Currently we play approximately 4 games at Parliament Hill and 1 game at The Heath Extension. After much discussion it was decided to look into a medium term home ground where we could play all our home games.

Do we want to play more games outside London?
It was decided that SH, RB, Peter Frisby and Alistair Bayliss would investigate when the potential extra-London games might take place and then ascertain whether or not there would be interest to play these games.

Should we have a Test Match series against Chats Palace?
It was decided to ask Chats Palace to propose a ground and a date when we could play a 2-Day game.

Should we have a logo?
It was decided that, once DS had ascertained the make-up of the mailing lists, PH would invite designs and run a vote in the same way as is being done for the slogan.

Weekend Captain and Weekend Organiser
It was decided to maintain the current structure with RP taking more responsibility in conjunction with DS and EP.

Weekday Nets

It was decided that Toby Cox would look into the possibility of weekday nets.


Agenda | Minutes

The Agenda and who suggested what

1. David Sultanti:
Should the Oldfallopians adopt and Kiwi style "haka"?

2. Simon Hemelryk:
Can we move the club to Twickenham Green, conveniently located for my house? – Dismissed without consideration.

3. Robert Press:
2008, fallopians to grow roots or stay nomadic?

4. Peter Frisby:
How about more games outside London, i.e. "jewel in the crown" fixtures - grass pitch, own pavilion, a roller, scoreboard, sightscreen and ladies (or men dressed up as ladies) providing teas. I have contacts in the country. The 3 sides I have in mind are all pretty mediocre and are within an hours drive of Hackney.

5. Peter Frisby:
A "test match" series with Chats Palace. I know we generally play CP twice each season but the games are closely fought and at least they are prepared to engage with us during and after the game which is just as important as the game itself. Discuss.

6. Paul Hosking:
We need an old fallopians crest so we can get official kit.

7. David Sultanti:
We need a constitution and I don’t mean a walk.

8. David Sultanti:
Who should be the 2008 weekend organiser be?

9. David Sultanti:
Who should be the 2008 main weekend captain?

10. Toby Cox:
Would like to know about possibilities of setting up regular (fortnightly?) net sessions (Victoria park 7ish) throughout the season, as he knows that many people are in the same boat as him, in that they cannot make every weekend game (far from it), but that they would like to be involved more.

11. Alistair Bayliss:
I was talking over Christmas to one of the Captains of The Portland Red Triangle – Portland of course being the Jewel in Dorset’s derrière. Their nickname is “The Isle of Slingers”, and when you see the Red Triangle bowlers you will quite understand. It is a long way away, but if people did want a trip to the seaside, cockles and ices etc, I’d be happy to sound him out.



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