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Annual General Meeting of The Old Fallopians Cricket Club
October 28, 2010
Held at The Pembury Tavern,  90 Amhurst Road, London, E8 1JH

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Minutes taken by Mark Venables

These are the minutes. Comments are welcome as long as they are funny and do not require any amendments!

In attendance at some point during the evening were John Shaw, Will Hopson-Hill, David Sultani, Gary Horsman from Chats Palace, Philip Barrass, Peter Frisby, Tim Castle, Kit not the kit bag and me.

The meeting started with beer, no agenda, no chairperson, but a general consensus that the Pembury do good pizza.

An agenda was agreed and then forgotten about immediately. A chair was nominated (thanks Rafe, a superb demonstration of coherent summarising and controlling the floor, expect an urgent call for help from the UN).

Some decisions were made, roles filled and actions agreed. These were:

Captain - Will H-H, thanks to Rafe for excellent service, who "steps down to spend more time with his family".

Fixtures - Andy Huckle volunteered and was voted in.

Treasurer - Peter Frisby

Teas - Peter's daughter prepared to do them from time to time, with a bit of notice Tim's son may do them after he has finished his exams, David said "let them eat cake".

Kit Manager - John Shaw

Midweek games organisation - Philip Barrass

Pitch bookings - preferred location was agreed as Parliament Hill. If unavailable, Mill Fields is the second choice. Someone agreed to investigate the feasibility of Hackney Marshes, the name of this person is illegible due to beer stains.

Weekend games - We will continue with a mix of Sat and Sun.

Nets - [at Bethnal Green Tech College, Sundays between February and April] Tim Castle will arrange and consider joining up with Chats to ensure value for money and usage. Payment will either be up front or collected on the day if Tim is not there.

August fixtures - traditionally we do not play in August. Will H-H will organise teams for August games and we will aim to play every other weekend in Aug as playing every weekend is unlikely to be feasible given squad members' silly ideas about going away on holiday, rather than playing cricket.

Saturday league option - thanks to Gary Horsman of Chats Palace for bringing this to our attention, it was not progressed for many reasons, should Chats enter a league we will continue our informal arrangement of reciprocal player loans if a team does not have a fixture and the other is short.

Kit update - No, not Kit. Kit. [see Kit's comment below]  Most is at John's house. No more kit purchases required apart from balls which Will will buy. [And 2nd large bag which Tim will buy]. It will be the Captain's responsibility to arrange kit movements (not Kit's movements) should the kit manager not be selected for any given fixture. The scorebook is part of the kit.

Website - Will said "Is it just flat HMTL, is there a content management system?". Yes, much beer had been drunk by this stage. Action is for Will to discuss web options and efficiencies [with Tim] (we were trying to sound intelligent again)

Oxford fixture / tour - David will organise.

Organising weekend game teams if Will is unavailable - volunteers to send out the emails and liaise with the opposition include Rafe, me, Will will allocate as required. If you've read this far and you are keen, let Will know please.

The meeting concluded in complete disarray, but much fun was had by all. More ale was consumed and we all became exponentially more intelligent, wiser and our opinions all became correct. Roll on nets and next season!



Comments (via email)

Can I make an appeal for the nets to be in the evenings so that our country members (ie me) can make it occasionally. My utterly dire season with the bat has revealed, rather too starkly than I'd have liked, the fact I am nothing without practice.
I take it I am still Director of Cricket, or has there been a coup?
- Simon Hemelryk


You are if you can make as much of the role next year as you have done this.
I'd have no problem with evening nets if we're getting into a voting situation scenario.
- Philip Barrass


Mark's account of  the Pemburey meeting excellent: I too was there and it was something to tell your grandchildren about, if, of course, your grandchildren are depraved, drunk and interested in league cricket regulations. Mark, stop calling me Kitt -- I'm Kit like the kit. Right? Kit Wright.Wright? Best to all
- Kit Wright

[Mark's Kitt has been amended to Kit throughout. Kitt is now Kit, but kit remains kit. Hope that's clear]








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