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Annual General Meeting of The Old Fallopians Cricket Club
November 8, 2012
Held at The Pembury Tavern,  90 Amhurst Road, London, E8 1JH

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Present (in order of appearance)
Will Hopson-Hill
Simon Hemelryk
Tim Castle
David Sultanti
Rafe Smallman
Peter Frisby
John Shaw
Philip Barrass (19:46-20:36)
Mat Asquith (19:56-end)

Dan Linde
Fred Baron
Alex Simmons
Mark Venables
Jon Idle
Andy Huckle
Jo Smallman

Meeting opened 19:24

1: Midweek captain
Agreed: Mat Asquith (as long as he doesn’t move to Cardiff)

2: Midweek selector
Agreed: Philip Barrass and/or Mat Asquith

3: Weekend captain
Agreed: Will Hopson-Hill with joint captain Peter Frisby.
Will H-H noted that he had been approached by Alexandra Park CC after our game on May 27 and may play for them on Saturdays.
However, he added that he wished to be immune from criticism shoud he have to return from APCC with “his tail between his legs”

4 (i): Fixture secretary
Andy Huckle standing down after two seasons in the role
A vote of thanks to AH was proposed and seconded.
Agreed: Peter Frisby to be the new fixtures secretary, unless Will H-H finds someone else to fill the role by Thursday Nov 16. (note added Nov 20 - Will didn't. Peter confirmed as fixtures secretary)

4 (ii): Problems with lack of interest in certain periods of the season
Agreed: there should be a break in the weekend fixtures between late July and mid August
(votes: 6 for, 2 against, 1 abstention)

4 (iii) Where should we book the majority of our home fixtures (parliament hill/millfields etc.)
Agreed: Parliament Hill – request 6 fixtures, and Millfields – request 4
(Implying a season of 20 weekend fixturses, 10 home and 10 away)

Motion by W H-H not to play Pimlico Strollers away at North London CC because of the cost was defeated 4-3, with 2 abstentions
Mat Asquith noted that he had left his Roberts radio at the Pimlico Strollers game (Sept 16).

5: Teas
Peter Frisby and Rafe/Jo Smallman said they were available to provide teas
Vote of thanks to Jo Smallman proposed and seconded
RS noted that Jo had prepared teas on 5 occasions this summer only for the matches to be rained off

6: Cost per game
Agreed: £12 for weekend games (rise of £2 per game)
Weekend Treasurer Peter Frisby said there was a deficit of £78 on the season, and that before the 2013 season there would have to be expenditure of £110 on insurance and £90 on balls.
Midweek games and nets to remain at £6
Midweek/nets treasurer Tim Castle reported a surplus of £300
(“In stark contrast to the weekends”, noted John Shaw)

7: Treasurers
Agreed: Weekends – Peter Frisby to continue
Midweek/nets – Tim Castle to continue

8: Website
Agreed: It’s jolly good

9: Whose round is it?
No agreement

10: Constitution
Still waiting

11: Kit
Agreed: John Shaw to continue as quartermaster
JS requested the purchase of 24 new boundary flags

12: Emblem
Agreed: Mat Asquith to return to the AGM group with designs for an emblem

13: Nets
Agreed: Seven nets to be booked, on Sundays, March 3 – April 14, one lane for two hours (10am-12 noon), at Bethnal Green Tech College (Will actually be six, as March 31 is Easter Sunday)

14: Twickenham
A long way away

15: Mascot
Agreed: Gregory Smallman. Image rights to be agreed at a later date

16: Team song
No agreement: meeting divided 4 four, 4 against

17: Team hakka
Rejected 5-3

18: Team shirt
Agreed: 7-1 that there should be a team shirt, with emblem designed by MA

19: Birthday presents
DS gave present to RS (book called “Fish”)

20: Reports (far far too nicey nicey)
Agreed: Captain to appoint person in team to write reports, using whatever method of selection he choses

21: John Shaw
A toast was drunk to JS – “Life’s too shaw”

22: Dinner and dance
Agreed: 6-2 in favour, to be held at David Sultanti’s house

23: Any other business
Agreed: purge email list (TC to do)
Agreed: Tour – Simon Hemelryk to arrange – possibly to Devon
Agreed: Mermaids game to be attempted (not as tour), possibly at different venue to Wadham College (as catering no longer available there), David Sultanti to help arrange
Champagne moment of 2012: three-way tie between:
- Charlie Davis – match winning 93 not out vs Woodford Green
- Steve Hamilton – for his “glorious sequence at number 10 of 4 (caressed through cover), 6 (stroked over long on), run out... falling over like the proverbial 'sack of s**t' (his words) trying to turn back after backing up too far..”
- Mat Asquith – running 20 metres to take diving catch in game v Pimlico Strollers
Darkest moment of 2012
- John Shaw’s flat tyre on way to Woodford Green
Umpiring: PF asked for more people to take part in the umpiring at weekends
Midweek nets: Will H-H and Simon Hemelryk will be running summer nets at Victoria Park, every week, but not on the same night as OF matches
Scorebooks: Request from TC for players to make sure all details completed in scorebooks, especially who took the catches

Meeting closed at 22:32







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