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October 7, 2007 Canary Wharf indoor tournament Lost in semifinals

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Played in Canary Wharf

Indoor climate is a knock-out

By Justin Roy

We won two of our three games in the group stages and this was enough for us to proceed to the knock out rounds.

The loss in the semi-finals can be excused as the game started just as the South Africa vs Fiji RWC quarter-final was reaching its climax, scores were level with 20 minutes to play, and all the Old Fallopian players were obviously concentrating on willing the Springboks to their eventual win.

The teams that beat us were very serious about winning.

The teams we beat were as inexperienced as us and approximately 93.8% male. Statistics should be posted on playonsports.co.uk in due course.

No team photo was taken.

Player Performance Round Up:

Peter Henry: bowled too short but added (batting with Steve the Ringer) a kinky 69 runs in the 2nd game - the highest 4 over total I've seen. 1/10

Adam Stainton: displayed fine technique with a nice straight bat. apart from when he was bowled. 1/10

Paul Hosking: found good amount of inswing in humid indoor conditions 1/10

Paul Spackman: did he actually play? I can't remember. 1/10

Steve Bond: suddenly "got" the 2-runs-per-ball-every-ball tactics of indoor cricket in the 2nd game and bunted the ball around nicely. 1/10

Simon Hemelryk: broke finger again - the muppet. 1/10

Justin Roy: superb all round performance, real crowd pleaser. 10/10

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