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Sept 16, 2007 Friendly vs Chats Palace Lost by 1 wicket

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Played somewhere in Hackney

Mark Dummet, where are you?

By David Sultanti

If Mark Dummett had been there, would history have repeated itself?

Three years ago on the last ball of the season and against the same opposition, we found ourselves in the same position [See report of that match here... although it was actually at the start of the season - TC].

I coincidentally was captain and off the bowling of Philip Barrass, Mark held a juggling catch to dismiss the last Chats batsman thus keeping the scores level.

On that occasion my instruction was simple, “Everyone come in”. This time, I should have learnt and told the team, what type of ball we need to bowled, where people must stand and move to and which wicket would be attacked; I didn’t and we lost.

But why did we get into that position after a solid start that realised an opening partnership of a century and 214 in total and on a green and slow wicket? More than one person said that at 17 overs with no wickets down, we should push on. I resisted and we continued as was until over 22.

In the end, we did lose but all those who played believed we had a moral victory. What we did do was accept the umpire’s decision, on every occasion. The umpire is always right, even though he or she might be wrong.

I’m uncertain how we conceded 16 no balls, notated in their scorebook as “4 4 4 4”, and how they were able to call playable balls wide. We conceded 56 extras and if I am captain the next time we play them, I shall insist on one member of their team not umpiring.

So now I’ve got that off my chest, what were the positives. We batted well, our bowling could have been better but wasn’t poor and though there’s always room for improvement, our fielding was generally soundish. Two new weekenders played and following established tradition, opened the batting (scored a 50) and bowling (slightly under 50).

Simon Hemelryk broke his finger (so he implied) but then returned to field and we enjoyed a delicious tea, made by David Sultanti, oh yes, me. Apologies to the weekend finances, as (to my surprise the following day) I gave over the entire “surplus” for the day, to alcohol. It seemed the right thing to do at the time.

And what of the future? This year Ed and I have run the weekend team and hopefully done a reasonable job. We’ve continued our open door, welcome policy (actually, only way to get enough players) and as in the past have been fortunate to attract a friendly sometimes vocal sort.

Parliament Hill has been established anthe weekend home ground and Maria of the park café as caterer, though Jo (wife of Rafe) is keen to get in on the act.

Sometime during the autumn, I’ll publish the weekend accounts so those who played can see where their money went. I’ll also arrange an OF weekend cricket AGM, at a pub, one weekday evening and centralish. Philip Barrass, club founder, did promise some 3 years ago, a written constitution, maybe he’ll have it ready by then. I want to find out where people want to weekend team to go, suggestions to Tim Castle.

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OId Fallopians 214-5 (35 overs)
Chats Palace 215-9 (35 overs)
Chats Palace won by 1 wicket
Old Fallopians
  How out Bowler Runs Sixes Fours
Charles run out   54   9
Rafe Smallman bowled Ned 74 1 13
Robert Press bowled Stewart 6   1
Simon Hemelryk run out   11   4
Mark Venables not out   22   3
Peter Henry run out   8 1  
Justin Roy not out   14 1  
Extras (nb 3, w 16, b 3, lb 1) 23  
Total 214?    

Mike Haycock, David Sultanti, Joe Swift, Peter Frisby did not bat

  Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Alan 7 0 35 0
Ned 7 0 41 1
Alicia 7 0 32 0
James 4 0 24 0
Stewart 4 0 27 1
Austin 3 0 9 0
Damian 3 0 36 0
Chats Palace
  How out Bowler Runs Sixes Fours
Gary Horsman bowled Venables 71    
Andrew bowled Henry 0    
Austin ct Roy Haycock 0    
Silas bowled Roy 19  
Harry bowled Sultanti 33    
Ned ct Smallman Venables 3    
Damien bowled Haycock 20    
James ct Haycock Venables 8    
Alan not out   2    
Stewart run out   1    
Alicia not out   2    
Extras (nb 16, w 27, b 12, lb 1) 56    
Total 215    
  Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Haycock 7 0 42 2
Henry 6 0 28 1
Frisby 3 0 26 0
Roy 7 0 46 1
Swift 2 0 13 0
Sultanti 4 0 20 1
Venables 5 0 26 3
Charles 1 0 2 0

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