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July4, 2010 Friendly vs Chats Palace Won by 56 runs

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Our conquering heros: Standing (L-R): Andy Huckle, Mark Venables, Steve Ward, Will Hopson-Hill, John Shaw, Peter Frisby, Steve Hamilton; Front row (L-R): Rafe Smallman, Ahmad Ahmadzadeh, Tim Castle, Stephen Richter                                                                                                                        Photo: Trevor Easley
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Century milestone for Hopson-Hill 

Played at Parliament Hill

By Rafe Smallman (skipper)

The Old Fallopians took on their oldest foes, Chats Palace, in what turned out to be an intriguing and ultimately satisfying victory for the Fallopian army. Patience was the key to what turned out to be a hard fought victory.

An opening partnership of 170ish was a brilliant start for the OFs, with Will Hopson-Hill and Rafe Smallman respecting the good balls with great patience, while punishing the bad with agression and good timing.

While Rafe made yet another score in the 50s, Will went on to record not only his first 50, but also first century for the team, with a mixture of confidence and power that assumes this form will continue in the coming weeks.

The highlight for both of them was their respective sixes, Rafe's going high over the trees towards the cafe, Will's picked off his nose to bring up his 100 in the most stylish way possible. Mark Venables and Andy Huckle then came in to face the best bowling of the game, starting steadily before finishing the innings off with some big hitting to set an imposing score of 284-2 off 40 overs.

This was a very impressive batting display, maintaining a rate of 7 an over from the start. But would it be enough against a Chats Palace team comprising some aggresive batsmen of their own, including a star player from Sky, Rizwan Siddiqui.

Chats started brightly at a good run rate, but the steady fall of wickets suggested that the key wicket of Siddiqui would win the Fallopians the game. He came in at three down at the first drinks break, and maintained a partnership with Lawrence that survived until the next drinks break 14 overs later, scoring at the required rate of 7 an over.

The Fallopians maintained their patience with some fairly tight bowling and brave fielding on a hard, bumpy outfield. There was a calm patience amongst the team that waited for the key wicket which would give the Fallopians the chance to pounce for victory.

And the key moment came two overs after drinks, with Steve Hamilton breaking the partnership and claiming the next batsmen. Mark Venables then came on to take the key wicket of Siddiqui, with a superb catch by Trevor on the boundary, followed by another.

Four wickets in 2 overs all but sealed the game, and the final few wickets were shared between the other bowlers, with Steve Ward taking the final wicket. Did the captain go over-board by lifting him up at the fall of this wicket? Probably, but another tense affair against Chats Palace had been decided in the Fallopians favour with a gritty, patient performance.

While it would be difficult to not give the man of the match award to Will, a special mention should go to Steve and Mark for prizing open the door to victory with the two overs that turned the game and ensured that the fallopians march on with renewed vigour.

One area where we maybe did lack patience was with the eating of the tea, although we were probably outdone in that regard by the opposition, who had clearly built up an appetite in the field! Well done Mrs Smallman!

[What about me painfully pulling a calf muscle minutes before the end? No mention? It still hurts... TC]

No need to run: Hopson-Hill sends another delivery to the boundary as Rizwan Siddiqui looks on Photo: Tim Castle

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Old Fallopians 284-2 (40 overs) (12-a-side game)
Chats Palace 228 (36.4 overs)
Old Fallopians won by 56 runs
Old Fallopians
  How out Bowler Runs Sixes Fours
Rafe Smallman Bowled Siddiqui 56 1 9
Will Hopson-Hill caught Ned 103 1 18
Mark Venables not out   37 0 7
Andy Huckle not out   27 0 5
Extras (nb 7, w 23, b 23, lb 8) 61    


FoW: 1-172, 2-204
Steve Ward, Trevor Easley, Peter Frisby, Stephen Richter, Ahmad Amadzadeh, Steve Hamilton, John Shaw and Tim Castle did not bat
  Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Ned 8 1 43 1
Alan (capt) 4 0 29 0
Jarek 2 0 29 0
Samir 7 0 34 0
Stuart 6 0 60 0
Rizwan 8 2 16 1
Lawrence 3 0 19 0
Jake 2 0 25 0
Chats Palace
  How out Bowler Runs Sixes Fours
Silas ct Easley 39 2 5
Ned W lbw Frisby 4 0 0
Lawrence B bowled Hamilton 40 0 5
Jonathan run out (Castle) 7 0 1
Rizwan Siddiqui ct Easley Venables 64 2 8
Stewart ct Easley Hamilton 0 0 0
Jake lbw Venables 0 0 0
Jarek bowled Venables 6 0 0
Fred bowled Ahmadzadeh 0 0 1
Soley ct & bowled Ward 7 0 0
Samir bowled Shaw 1 0 0
Alan W (capt) not out   5 0 1
Extras (nb 5, w 20, b 12, lb 3) 40    


* adds up to 213
  Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Frisby 6 0 35 1
Easley 5 0 24 1
Castle 4 0 36 0
Shaw 8 0 27 1
Ward 3.4 0 34 1
Hamilton 4 0 23 2
Venables 4 0 19 3
Ahmadzadeh 2 0 12 1

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