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May 19, 2012 Friendly vs Mathews Match drawn

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Laser eyes: Mat Asquith prepares to send another delivery to the boundary                           Photo: Tim Castle
Many more pictures from the game here...


Played at Old Chigwellians ground, Chigwell / report by Tim Castle

- Timed game, which caused confusion (among Old Fallopians at least) as usual. Game started 2:15pm, but match clock set to 2pm, with tea to be taken at 4:30pm. Sadly the clock didn't work, so captain Andy Huckle, who opened and remained at the crease for 37 overs had no idea how long the innings was taking.
- Also, we batted till tea, taking 40 overs and making 169, which seemed a bit on the light side. But as it turned out, we could have declared much earlier, because...
- When Mathews batted, they lost four wickets in five overs, at which point they decided to play for the draw, which they would achieve if they survived 20 overs after 6:30 pm - something that didn't dawn on us for a number of overs as they deadbatted our deliveries.
- Which made for a slow fielding session for the Fallopians, as maiden over succeeded maiden over (John Shaw bowled six overs without conceding a single run).
- Game eventually ground to a halt after Mathews blocked their way through 37 overs and a total of just 49 for five wickets.
- Despite our best efforts we couldn't winkle out the injured Aadil Baig, batting with a runner, who scored 8 in 32 overs, or the 84-year-old Narine, who took 18 overs to reach 5.
- Prior to that there were sparkling knocks from Mat Asquith, hitting three sixes and three fours on his way to 37, and a top score of 44 from Laurie Roberts. Andy Huckle played the captain's innings, lasting most of our session for an arduous 42 built from singles and twos.
- Sam Shahid scored a swashbuckling 12 before launching a skier that was held by Mathews' captain Rory Brown.
- Roberts at short mid-off held a marvellous catch (one of two he took in the game) from the author's bowling to dismiss Mathews' No.5 Matt Shields, juggling a fast and low strike  that bounced from his hands before he clasped it safe.
- Anthony Banks and Asquith opened the bowling with pace and accuracy, Asquith taking two wickets (both caught) and Banks one (lbw). Mathews' Rory Brown also lost his wicket in the opening overs after a mix-up with his partner, at which point the rot set in and the home team dug in for the draw.
- Debut for David Cox, son of Paul, who staged a father and son partnership of 8 runs at the close of the Fallopians innings
- Even though there was no result, the match was played in good spirit and the Fallopians enjoyed their outing to the green expanses of Chigwell - and will set their plans for victory next time...



Grin and bear it: Captain Andy Huckle prepares to anchor the Old Fallopians innings          Picture: Tim Castle

Many more pictures from the game here...


The big draw: (standing L-R: Anthony Banks, Mat Asquith, Laurie Roberts, Andy Huckle (capt), Will Ellis (keeper), Paul Cox; (front row L-R: Tim Castle, Sam Shahid, Sheraz Shahid, John Shaw, David Cox
Many more pictures from the game here...

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Mathews vs Old Fallopians
Played At Old Chigwellians, 20-May-2012, Friendly
Match Drawn
Toss won by Old Fallopians
Home Side Mathews
Comment Timed game
Old Fallopians 1st Innings 169-6 (Overs 40)
Batsman Fieldsman Bowler Runs 4s 6s
Andy Huckle* st ? b Rory Brown 42 0 0
Sam Shahid c Rory Brown b Bicar 12 2 0
Laurie Roberts   b Aadil Baig 44 4 1
Mat Asquith run out   37 3 3
Will Ellis+   b Aadil Baig 1 0 0
Anthony Banks   b Rory Brown 1 0 0
Paul Cox not out   4 0 0
David Cox not out   1 0 0
Sheraz Shahid dnb   -    
Tim Castle dnb   -    
John Shaw dnb   -    
extras   (b12 lb1 w10 nb4) 27    
TOTAL   6 wickets for 169    
1-22(Sam Shahid) 2-94(Laurie Roberts) 3-150(Mat Asquith) 4-159(Andy Huckle)
5-161(Anthony Banks) 6-161(Will Ellis)
Bowler O M R W wd nb
Aadil Baig 14 1 32 2 - 2
Bicar 7 0 28 1 6 -
Gajjar 9 0 67 0 3 2
Rory Brown 10 2 29 2 1 -
Mathews 1st Innings 49-5 (Overs 37)
Batsman Fieldsman Bowler Runs 4s 6s
W Godden c Anthony Banks b Mat Asquith 0 0 0
Sylvain lbw b Anthony Banks 0 0 0
Rory Brown* run out Will Ellis/Laurie Roberts   11 0 0
Gajjar c Laurie Roberts b Mat Asquith 1 0 0
Matt Shields c Laurie Roberts b Tim Castle 10 0 0
Aadil Baig not out   8 1 0
Narine not out   5 0 0
Kermeen dnb   -    
Bicar dnb   -    
Shorex dnb   -    
Brown dnb   -    
extras   (b6 lb1 w4 nb3) 14    
TOTAL   5 wickets for 49    
1-1(W Godden) 2-1(Sylvain) 3-15(Gajjar) 4-15(Rory Brown) 5-28(Matt Shields)
Bowler O M R W wd nb
Mat Asquith 12 7 12 2 1 -
Anthony Banks 8 3 21 1 1 -
John Shaw 6 6 0 0 - -
Tim Castle 4 1 6 1 1 2
David Cox 3 2 1 0 - -
Sheraz Shahid 3 1 2 0 - -
Paul Cox 1 1 0 0 - -

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