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May 18, 2014 Friendly vs Woodford Green Won by 4 wickets

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Played at Hampstead Heath Extension

Good cricket all around and a closely contested match till the dying moments. Old Fallopians took revenge and defeated old rivals Homerton by 4 wickets. Homerton brought a strong side with players from UK, Australia, South Africa and New Zeeland.

Toss: Homerton won the toss and decided to bat on a very hot sunny day (loved the sun but all were missing some tree shade)

Bowling: Anthony Banks and Azaz Khalil started well but Homerton kept the run rate to 5 till the 10th over. Anthony got the opener out when total was on 19. Azaz was very tight and only gave 9 runs off his first five overs and his 3rd over was made up of six yorker dot balls.

After 10 overs double change was introduced with Hassan Khan and John Shaw. John Shaw took the same end as Azaz and kept the run rate low and Hassan took the shorter boundary side and had lot of disguised slower bowls and was rewarded by five excellent wickets and John by one wicket.

Once seven wickets were down, Azaz was brought back to wrap the innings and he did that in 1.4 overs (two yorkers bowled) and one almost a yorker played to point for a low excellent catch by Laurie Roberts. Homerton were done within 30 overs. (They were in 20/20 mode which did not help )

Batting: Will Ellis and Spike started well as bowl was moving around a lot for Woodman. 1st wicket fell on 23 where one kept low to Will. Suhail joined Spike and started defensively concentrating on partnership building. Spike started to open shoulder and after couple of fours got one that went up to the fielder at mid off.

Then came Will Hopson-Hill - Homerton remembered the 2013 season - 200 run partnership between these two so brought the best bowlers. Both Will and Suhail kept going solidily and slowly and started to open shoulders as total was near with a 87 run partnership including 13 fours between themselves.

After loss of few quick wickets - Laurie and Anthony joined hands to get the remaining runs and match was over in 37th over.

Fielding: Was spot on, good catches and hardly any midfields or dropped catch. Three excellent catches like last week.

Lunch: Some great food that both team enjoyed –included home cooked murgh biryani (Chicken), Aalo bhujia (potato with cumin), chana masala, naan breads and cakes/biscuits.

- report by Suhail Shahid

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Old Fallopians vs Homerton
1-Innings Match Played At Hampstead Heath, 18-May-2014, Friendly
Old Fallopians won by 4 wkts
Toss won by Homerton
Home Side Old Fallopians
Homerton 1st Innings 145 All Out (Overs 29)
Batsman Fieldsman Bowler Runs 4s 6s
T Lucas c Spike Marchant b Anthony Banks 9 2 0
Daryl Christie lbw b Hassan Khan 12 2 0
Andrew Fisher c Anthony Banks b Hassan Khan 66 7 3
T Miller   b Hassan Khan 16 1 0
John Hyde lbw b John Shaw 1 0 0
Gary Horsman lbw b Hassan Khan 6 1 0
Martin Fullick   b Hassan Khan 0 0 0
Vamsey c Laurie Roberts b Azaz Khalil 11 2 0
Ned Woodman   b Azaz Khalil 3 0 0
Stuart McKean   b Azaz Khalil 0 0 0
Jonathan Holland not out   2 0 0
extras   (b9 lb0 w10 nb0) 19    
TOTAL   10 wickets for 145    
1-19(T Lucas) 2-56(Daryl Christie) 3-111(Andrew Fisher) 4-118(T Miller)
5-179(John Hyde)
Bowler O M W R
Anthony Banks 5 0 1 35
Azaz Khalil 7 2 3 12
Hassan Khan 8 0 5 52
John Shaw 8 1 1 24
Steve Hamilton 1 0 0 8
Old Fallopians 146-6 (Overs 37.2)
Batsman Fieldsman Bowler Runs 4s 6s
Will Ellis lbw b Stuart McKean 13 2 0
Spike Marchant c ? b John Hyde 20 2 0
Sam Shahid* c ? b Ned Woodman 48 8 0
Will Hopson-Hill   b Ned Woodman 36 6 0
Azaz Khalil   b Vamsey 4 1 0
Mark Scoltock   b Ned Woodman 0 0 0
Laurie Roberts not out   1 0 0
Anthony Banks not out   1 0 0
Hassan Khan dnb   -    
Steve Hamilton dnb   -    
John Shaw dnb   -    
extras   (b6 lb1 w16 nb0) 23    
TOTAL   6 wickets for 146    
1-23(Will Ellis) 2-42(Spike Marchant) 3-129(Sam Shahid) 4-143(Azaz Khalil) 5-0 6-0
Bowler O M W R
Ned Woodman 8 1 3 26
Stuart McKean 6 1 1 20
John Hyde 5 0 1 22
Martin Fullick 6 2 0 9
T Miller 4 0 0 18
Jonathan Holland 2 0 0 12
Daryl Christie 2 0 0 14
Vamsey 4.2 0 1 18

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