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April 18, 2015 Friendly vs Mayfield Won by 50 runs

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Low rider: Azaz Khalil cuts towards the boundary                                                     Photo: Tim Castle
Many more pictures from the game here...


Played at Hazelwood Lane, Palmers Green

A good game of cricket and a big 50 run win by Oldfallopians against Mayfield CC. A sweet revenge as we lost last 2 years to them. Oldfallopians batted first on a very difficult wicket scoring 113 runs and got the opposition out for 63 runs. Bowling & fielding was outstanding from all and Azaz Khalil was the man of the match with a 50 and 3 wickets.

TOSS: Old Fallopians loss the toss and were put in to bat by Mayfield CC

BATTING: Old Fallopians started slowly on pitch where bowls were jumping up from good length and some keeping low. The new Murrant special bowl also had fair amount of movement. Azaz stuck around and got a decent score of 52 runs and later Steve chipped in with useful 15 runs. Only 2 players were able to reach double figure and at half time we thought we were 20 runs short on this dangerous pitch.

BOWLING: Old Ffallopians had a good bowling unit this week and everyone performed. Tim and Anthony started and totally squeezed the batsmen. Anthony got their captain bowled in the 1st over by a pacy straight delivery that got middle stump. Tim remained very tight and bowled 7 tight overs with not a single loose ball. The Azaz and Joh Shaw started and both got rewarded with wickets. John got wickets in consecutive overs. Sheraz came in and got major spin, getting both key batsman out including the price wicket of A Salim who looked well set. Charlie came late and was a surprise package with good fast pace. Azaz finished the last 2 wickets and match was over.

FIELDING: Excellent fielding from all around . Lot of boundaries stopped and 3 outstanding catches by Laurie Roberts. Not a single was easy He jumped in air to take 2 and one close to the ground A great talent found. Craig Mendham was full of energy running after each ball in a way that the who fielding.
- report by Suhail Shahid


Clip to leg: Steve Hamilton flicks the ball behind square                                       Photo: Tim Castle
Many more pictures from the game here...


Sunny scorers: (L-R standing) Steve Hamilton, Greg Mendham, Sam Shahid, John Shaw, Fred Shaw, Charlie Fenton; (L-R sitting) Sheraz Shahid, Anthony Banks, Laurie Roberts, Azaz Khalil, Tim Castle
Many more pictures from the game here...

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Mayfield vs Old Fallopians
1-Innings Match Played At Hazelwood, 18-Apr-2015, Friendly
Old Fallopians won by 50 runs
Toss won by Old Fallopians
Home Side Mayfield
Old Fallopians 1st Innings 113 All Out (Overs 35)
Batsman Fieldsman Bowler Runs 4s 6s
Sam Shahid* c C Goodchild b E Efthymion 6 0 0
Greg Mendham   b C Goodchild 4 1 0
Laurie Roberts+   b E Efthymion 6 1 0
Sheraz Shahid   b E Efthymion 2 0 0
Azaz Khalil c R Sondh b Sam Patel 53 5 2
Anthony Banks c K Sondh b E Efthymion 8 1 0
Fred Shaw   b R Sondh 0 0 0
Steve Hamilton not out   16 1 0
Charlie Fenton   b Sam Patel 0 0 0
Tim Castle c K Sondh b Sam Patel 5 1 0
John Shaw c CA Paul b Sam Patel 0 0 0
extras   (b9 lb3 w0 nb1) 13    
TOTAL   10 wickets for 113    
1-10(Sam Shahid) 2-16(Laurie Roberts) 3-20(Greg Mendham) 4-30(Sheraz Shahid)
5-50(Anthony Banks) 6-62(Fred Shaw) 7-101(Azaz Khalil) 8-0 9-0 10-0
Bowler O M W R
C Goodchild 6 0 1 14
E Efthymion 10 2 4 39
R Sondh 7 2 1 13
K Cullen 7 1 0 25
Sam Patel 5 1 4 10
Mayfield 1st Innings 63 All Out (Overs 33.5)
Batsman Fieldsman Bowler Runs 4s 6s
CA Paul   b Anthony Banks 0 0 0
A Salim c Laurie Roberts b Sheraz Shahid 24 2 0
C Goodchild   b Azaz Khalil 13 0 1
K Sondh c Laurie Roberts b John Shaw 1 0 0
D Harris   b Sheraz Shahid 2 0 0
Sam Patel c Laurie Roberts b John Shaw 1 0 0
R Sondh*   b Charlie Fenton 10 2 0
Phil Connor   b Azaz Khalil 2 0 0
K Cullen   b Charlie Fenton 2 0 0
E Efthymion   b Azaz Khalil 0 0 0
R Granger not out   0 0 0
extras   (b3 lb0 w3 nb2) 8    
TOTAL   10 wickets for 63    
1-0(CA Paul) 2-36(C Goodchild) 3-41(A Salim) 4-42(K Sondh) 5-45(Sam Patel)
6-61(D Harris) 7-61(R Sondh) 8-61(Phil Connor) 9-63(K Cullen) 10-63(E Efthymion)
Bowler O M W R
Anthony Banks 8 3 1 19
Tim Castle 7 2 0 13
Azaz Khalil 4.5 2 3 5
John Shaw 5 1 2 5
Sheraz Shahid 5 2 2 12
Charlie Fenton 4 2 2 6

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