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April 20, 2016 League vs Crossrail Won by 6 wickets
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Old Fallopians who beat Crossrail
Not cross: (L-R standing) Hassan Khan, Steve Hamilton, Jack Wright, Jonathan Stebbins, Charlie Miller; (L-R kneeling: Sam Shahid, Rav Matharu, Sheraz Shahid)                                                       Photo: Tim Castle


Played at Victoria Park. Report by Sam Shahid.

Excellent start to the Hackney League with an easy win. A game played in excellent spirit. Match was over in less than 18 overs. Crossrail (51 run all out in 9.4 overs ). Old Fallopians 57-1 in 8 overs.

TOSS: Cross rail won the toss and decided to bat.

BOWLING: 2 people had all the fun. Charlie opened with good pace and took 3 wickets for 18 run. First one was a dangerous length outside off stump and batsman could only feather edge to Sheraz behind the stumps. Next 2 were clean bowled and also hit a batsman in the neck (quickly apologized). Sheraz came as 2nd change and cleaned the next 3 wicket for 4 run. Bowled each of them with different bowls. First was a batsman who hit 3 fours in the previous over but was playing cross line. Sheraz said I will get his leg stump with no room to play cross line and did that with 1st bowl. Next one was flighted fuller bowl that got off stump and last one was a flatter straight ball that got the middle stump. Rav bowled miserly as always and gave 10 runs in 3 overs. Jonathan Stebbins showed his talent with 1 over where bowl went above the stumps 4 times but missed by few inches. Steve and Jack were keen to bowl but Sheraz and Charlie did not anyone a chance.

BATTING: Sam and Rav started Sam got out early but Rav got a new partner Jack and both batted well. Rav finished the game with huge six. Some really good on and cover drives from Rav. Running between the wickets was a concern many runs missed Jack hit a skier at the deep mid wicket boundary to finish in style and field dropped when scores were level. Rav tried the same shot next and cleared the boundary.

FIELDING: Excellent fielding from all but again like bowling show was stolen by Sheraz and Charlie. Sheraz was make shift keeper but did very well getting a catch on bowling of Charlie when batsman tried to chase a good ball outside off. Charlie then stopped a straight drive by batsman and threw at the bowling crease where he caught the non-striker 1 yard outside.

Crossrail all out 51 (9.4 overs)
Charlie Miller 3-overs 18-runs 3-wickets (and ran out batsman from his own bowling)
Sheraz Shahid 1.4-overs 4-runs 3-wickets
Hassan Khan 1-17-0
Rav Matharu 3-10-0
Jonathan Stebbins 1-2-0

Old Fallopians 57-1 (8.1 overs)
Sam Shahid (captain) 2 (caught off a sky-high scoop)
Rav Matharu 29*
Jack Wright 18*
Extras 5-wides 1-no ball 3-leg-byes


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