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June 7, 2016 Cup vs Tower Cavaliers Won by 45 runs
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Team that beat Tower Cavaliers
Towers of power: (L-R standing) John Shaw, Philip Barrass, Charlie Miller, Matt Ng-Wai Shing; (L-R kneeling)
Tim Castle (captain), Matt Wake, Rav Matharu, Jack Wright                                                                                


Played at Victoria Park. Report by Philip Barrass

And here is what happened.

The rain gods drew back their drenching assault and left the steamy air hanging like a Mumbai fug over the venerable park of Victoria. Through the haze, soaring tents were being into their swooping, fairground shapes as if to witness a medieval clashing of knights. And so it was to be.

The Old Men of the Fallopians took the field first, and flailed about themselves to reasonable effect. Their first man gone attempting to hoist the enemy to the heavens, they fielded their Lancelot, their 50-a-day man, their racing certainty - Lord Matharu came to the crease. Rarely has a man put himself to the sword so quickly or so elegantly. Lord Matharu left the crease to the sound of awkward silence and coughs from the stunned crowd.

No matter. The knight slain, the burly Miller, shoulders of iron rope through hoisting corn by the hundredweight, strode to the fray. A few trial swings and he was away. Again and again his blade split the air and the enemy was dispatched. He fell himself, but others rushed to fill the space left. Roaming knight Matthew fought undefeated to the end.

The Cavaliers took to up arms. Trencherman Wake and swordsman Lord Matharu fought hand to hand, dispatching one Towersman after another. Even the wise smooth-headed man of the Castle put one to rest, leaping crazily in joy at his own deed. The Old Men of the Fallopians showed no mercy, and made no mistakes. The grizzled form of Mister Shaw, once of human shape, taunted and held in his dreadful spell the terrorised men of the Tower.

The crows are still picking at the empty sockets of Cavalier eyes.

We await the next to challenge our dominance.

De Barras.

Old Fallopians won toss and chose to bat

Old Fallopians 134-5 (15 overs)

Philip Barrass    ct Kalia b Jennings 23
Matt Ng-Wai Shing not out             36
Rav Matharu       ct Nimmo b Jennings  0
Charlie Miller    ct & b Nimmo        34
Matt Wake         lbw b Nimmo          9
Jack Wright       lbw b Kumal          5
Tim Castle        not out              8
John Shaw         DNB
Extras W 17, NB 1                     18
Total                                134 

Kalia    4-0-25-0
Jennings 4-1-38-2
Danny    2-0-23-0
Nimmo    3-0-34-2
Kumal    2-0-10-1

Tower Cavaliers 89-5 (15 overs)

Dave Jennings b Wake             6
Chris         ct Wake b Matharu  1
Nick Kalia    retired not out   50
Danny         ct Miller b Wake   2
Kumal         b Castle           9
Jummy Nimmo   ct Wake b Wright  13
Rob Waugh     not out            2
Extras W 4                       4
Total                           89

Matharu 3-0-10-1
Wake    3-0-14-2
Miller  2-0-17-0
Castle  2-0-10-1
Wright  3-0-22-1
Shaw    2-0-8-1  


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