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July 28, 2016 League vs Mile Tailenders Won by 45 runs
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Played at Victoria Park.
By Matt Wake (captain)

After a few frantic days of confirming the players we hoped we already had and a desperate bid to find an 8th player (to make sure John Shaw could avoid another heroic DNB) we finally arrived at Victoria Park with a full squad.

The opposition were more disorganised than us and finally a match ball was found and a coin tossed high into the air and as the summer sun glinted on the shiny pound coin - OF's won the toss, we bat first.

The 2 openers Kafh and Farhad soon started to hit the ball all around the park, some sailing over the boundaries for sixes (hit with bats thicker than my nan's pre-war wooden leg). They both eventually reached 50 and retired to a round of applause. No one else reached heady heights of a 50 but the healthy run rate continued and a marvellous 208-3 scored.

I think its fair to say our bowling wasn't as good as our batting and Mile Tailenders did have a couple of decent batsmen, both going on to reach 50s. But a few economic overs in the middle soon swung the match our way and after requiring 65 off the last 2 overs a record breaking win was secured, Mile Tailenders finishing on 163-5.

Everyone contributed - the 50s from the openers, very solid keeping from Kafh and a special thanks to Israr for finding our 8th man.

Thanks to everyone for their support from Victoria Park and Hackney to the Dordogne.

Look forward to the next one.

PS I lied about the summer sun, it was grey and drizzling.

PPS the kit bag went home with John Shaw so people will need to bring their own kit for the next 3 weeks.


Old Fallopians

Kafh Hasan           retired  51
Fahrad Waqar         retired  51
Rubel Ahmed ct A.Cody b John   6
Jake Waters          not out  28
Israr Khalil    ct & b James  14
Matt Wake          b Stewart  16
Matt Ng-Wai Shing    not out   6
Ahmad            did not bat
Extras w 18 nb 3 b 1:         22
Total                        208-3 (16 overs)

James   4-0-48-1
Stewart 4-0-34-1
Sanjay  4-0-50-0
John    4-0-50-1

Mile Tailenders

Felix             retired  50
Wilson ct Kafh b Matt NWS   0
Sanjay            not out  60
Speakman          run out   6
Jimmy    bowled Matt Wake   3
Willis       stumped Kafh   0
Stewart           not out   4
A.Cody            b Ahmad  18
Extras w 13 nb 2 lb 5:     20
Total                     163-5 (16 overs)

Matt NWS  2-0-13-1
Ahmad     2-0-26-1
Rubel     2-0-19-0
Waters    2-0-27-0
Waqar     3-0-17-0
Matt Wake 3-0-19-1
I.Khalil  2-0-18-0


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