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May 15, 2017 League vs Sky Lost by 24 runs
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Played at Victoria Park. Report by Tim Castle

- Overcast evening that turned to drizzle/rain towards end of Sky innings and continued through most of the OF innings.
- This adversely affected the OF innings as the outfield became very slow, on the already huge boundaries of pitch 3.
- Despite a change of ball early in the OF innings - which immediately brought a boundary from Rich Hay - the ball was damp, heavy and slow for the OF batters.

- Sky started with a lot of swishing strokes that sent the ball high in the air - twice landing between fielders and once slipping through bowler Charlie Miller's hands. But he got a second chance later and caught Hafeez of Jonathan Stebbins' bowling.
 - Sky powered to 95 off eight overs at the half way stage of their innings, but then slowed down after Stebbins took two wickets in the ninth over.
 - Stebbins picked up two more wickets with his pinpoint fast deliveries off a two-pace walking run-up. Azaz Khalil added a second scalp after his third over wicket.
 - Jack Wright finished off the Sky innings in the 15th over, bowling the returning half-centurion Safraz for 54 after tricking him with three wides down the off side.

 - With a team capable of batting all the way down to the tail, OF skipper Sam Shahid was spoilt for choice in his batting line-up. Debutant Rich Hay set the pace, ably supported by Miller to an opening partnership of 58 before Hay was bowled in the seventh over by Shabeer for 33.
 - Things were ticking over, though mainly in singles or twos, until the 11th over when Shabeer struck three times, removing Miller (30), Farhad Waqar (10) and Khalil, trapped LBW facing his first ball.
 - The loss of Khalil was a serious blow, as he had scored 171 against Woodford Green the week before. He may have been distracted from his normal dead-eye accuracy by wearing a helmet at the crease for the first time.
 - Despite the efforts of Sam Shahid (retired, 23), Hassan Khan (not out 8) and Wright (not out 2), the dark and damp conditions made the boundary impossible to reach and we closed our 16 overs some 24 runs short of the target.

 - In retrospect, as well as the weather, the other key difference between the sides was extras - we bowled 23 wides compared to Sky's 10.
 - But honour was very much maintained - we bowled out Sky within their allocated innings and came close to the required score with three wickets in hand.


Sky won toss and chose to bat

Sky 144 all out (15.3 overs)

Noz      lbw              b Khalil     7
Aleem    lbw              b Stebbins  27
Safraz                    b Wright    54
Haris    ct  Hay (keeper) b Stebbins   0
Hafeez   ct  Miller       b Stebbins   9
Shabeer  not out                      12
Asif                      b Stebbins   5
Asif B                    b Khalil     6
Extras W 23, nb 1, lb 1               25
Total                                143

FOW 1-28 (Noz), 2-95 (Aleem), 3-99 (Haris), 4-112 (Hafeez), 5-122 (Asif), 6-135 (Asif B), 7-144 (Safraz)

Khalil   4-0-26-2
Miller   1-0-18-0
Khan     2-0-25-0
Waqar    1-0-15-0
Stebbins 4-0-30-4
Wright   2.3-0-31-1

Old Fallopians 119-4 (16 overs)

Rich Hay                     b Shabeer  33
Charlie Miller               b Shabeer  30
Farhad Waqar       st keeper b Shabeer  10
Sam Shahid         retired              23
Azaz Khalil        lbw       b Shanbeer  0
Hassan Khan        not out               8
Jack Wright        not out               2
Jonathan Stebbins  dnb
Extras W 10, NB 1, B 4, LB 1            16
Total                                  119

FOW 1-58 (Hay), 2-81 (Miller), 3-84 (Waqar), 4-84 (Khalil)

Asif    4-0-30-0
Hafeez  4-0-25-0
Shabeer 4-0-26-4
Asif B  4-0-26-0


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