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June 20, 2017 League vs Stokey Scoundrels Won by 3 wickets
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We beat Stokey Scoundrels
They beat the Scoundrels: (L-R standing) Philip Barrass (umpiring), Jonathan Stebbins, Azaz Khalil, Sheraz Shahid, Muhajid Rahman, Tim Castle (scorer/umpire); (L-R kneeling) Mat Wake, Same Shahid, David Fauls    Photo: John Shaw


Played at Victoria Park. Report by Tim Castle

- Exciting game on a hot but breezy evening.
- Our first victory in Division One.
- Opposition Stokey Scoundrels were a colts team of five 14-year-olds and two adults, including long-time league chairman Rizwan Siddiqui, now ex-Sky, and always a formidable batsman.
- Excellent first two overs from Rav Matharu removed the youthful openers, backed up by tight deliveries from Azaz Khalil.
- Siddiqui steadied the Stokey ship, eventually retiring on 50 and returning at end to reach unbeaten 77.
- Accurate bowling from Sheraz Shahid removed three more wickets, the first caught by father Sam and followed by two successive golden ducks for Finn and Imaad.
- Also bowling: Jonathan Stebbins and two debutants, David Fauls and Muhajid Rahman.
- Behind the stumps: Matt Wake.
- Stokey batted out their overs with respectable total of 138 - less respectable was our extras contribution of 43, including 23 wides.

- Needing around 9 an over, Rav and captain Sam Shahid set a steady opening pace, taking 14 off the first two overs.
- But Stokey's Alfie was firing in accurate and well pitched fast deliveries off a long run-up and found Rav's off stump in the third over.
- Alfie dismissed Fauls for a duck in the same manner in his next over, and returned in the seventh over to repeat the trick in his first delivery on Khalil, who had scored a quickfire 22 and was looking well set for 50.
- Sheraz, coming in after the loss of Khalil, never looked troubled, scoring off Alfie's dangerously accurate deliveries and contributed a vital 24 becore being caught and bowled off a low return by Siddiqui.
- Sam Shahid played a true captain's innings, overcoming the pain of a sharp blow to his thumb from an early Alfie delivery to reach his half century, retiring on 51.
- Imaad, bowling looping spin, proved difficult to get away, and conceded just 13 off his first two overs, at a stage when we needed to accelerate to avoid an ignominious defeat.
- In a nervous finale, with Siddiqui and keeper Younis loudly rallying their teenage troops on every ball, Stebbins and Rahman ticked off the remaining runs.
- With the scores tied at the start of the final over and the fielders all called in close in a ring around the wicket, Rahman missed Siddiqui's first ball, but got the second away for the winning run and three important league points.

Stokey Scoundrels won toss and chose to bat

Stokey Scoundrels 138-5

Cameron              b Matharu         2
Jonas       ct Fauls b Matharu         1
Rizwan Siddiqui*     not out          77
Alfie  ct Sam Shahid b Sheraz Shahid  11
Younis               not out          11
Finn                 b Sheraz Shahid   0
Imaad                b Sheraz Shahid   0
Extras w 23, nb 2, b 14, lb 3:        42
Total                                138

FOW: 6-1 (Jonas), 18-2 (Cameron), 66-3 (Alfie), 90-4 (Finn),
90-5 (Imaad)

* Siddiqui retired on 50 and returned at end

Matharu        4-0-36-2
Khalil         4-0-15-0
Stebbins       2-0-18-0
Sheraz Shahid  4-0-24-3
David Fauls    1-0-15-0
Muhajid Rahman 1-0-16-0

Old Fallopians 139-4 (15.2 overs)

Rav Matharu            b Alfie     10
Sam Shahid     retired not out     51
David Fauls            b Alfie      0
Azaz Khalil            b Alfie     22
Sheraz Shahid     ct & b Siddiqui  24
Jonathan Stebbins      not out     20
Muhajid Rahman         not out      4
Matt Wake              dnb
Extras w 4, nb 1, b 1, lb 1:        7
Total                             139

FOW: 20-1 (Matharu), 20-2 (Fauls), 54-3 (Khalil), 93-4 (Sheraz Shahid)

Alfie    4-0-24-3
Jonas    3-0-35-0
Cameron  2-0-28-0
Imaad    3-0-23-0
Siddiqui 3.2-0-23-1


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