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August 8, 2017 Friendly vs Belhus Lost by 67 runs

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Played at the Village Green, North Stifford, Grays, Essex
Report by Suhail 'Sam' Shahid

Summary: A warm day to play a cricket, on a lush green field in a beautiful setting. Game was played in good spirit. Belhus won the game, scoring 226 for 8 in 40 overs and Old Fallopians made 159 runs. Our first loss in three years to Belhus. Our next game with them will be on 5 August 2018.

Bowling: We agreed to bowl first. However, we had to rely on old ball which gave no movement to our bowlers but that took nothing away from their plan. Our opening bowler and the new ball were stuck in terrible traffic jam in London. On a batting track, Azaz Khalil and Raj Rajender had an outstanding opening burst that kept the score in check with Belhus on 32 in 10th over. Raj got rid of both openers. In the 12th over Raj got opener Keith Dhannie caught at mid-off by Azaz. Then a nice change of pace to clean out No 2 Zak Wilson. Azaz and Raj were replaced by Bharath and Hamza Jamshaid. Both bowled tight lines to the field. Bharath was rewarded with two wickets. By the time we saw Hassan Khan in his car we were in the 26th over at 3:45pm. After negotiating with the opposition captain he was allowed to ball from the 32nd over. Sheraz Shahid and Ravi Chandra replaced Bharat and Hamza and bowled well again Sheraz was very tight and frustrated Liam Waters till he was caught at short midwicket by Suhail. Sheraz was unlucky as Wayne Read edged him in his 1st over and also came down the track missing the ball. Hassan came and got two wickets including key wicket of Wayne. Belhus closed on a competitive total, with Z.Wilson on 38, J.Thomas 38 and W.Read 75.

Fielding: Outstanding fielding all around, including an excellent catch by Azaz running from mid-off to extra cover. Suhail took a reflex catch at short mid-wicket. Excellent keeping by Matt Wake, who got a run out throwing the ball back to the bowler (Hassan ) to remove the bails.

Batting: Suhail and Bilal Qureshi started well and their opening partnership saw 50 runs reached in the 10th over. Suhail was the first to lose his wicket, hitting a skyer to long-on when the score was 58. Bilal continued and made an excellent 50 and was out on 66 by part-time bowler Mike Randall. Matt Wake was unlucky to get bowled to a ball going down the leg side that hit his arm on the way to wicket. Then we saw three of our key batsman run out (Azaz 10, Sheraz 5 and Rizwan 8) due to the excellent fielding of Belhus. Hope was still high with Raj in the batting but he was unlucky with a ball hit high on the splice caught at mid-on. Hassan tried to hit one over mid-off but was out to a good catch. Bharath and Hamza joined in and Bharat had some lusty blows with his good bat making 22 in no time but was out trying to go for big hits.

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Belhus 226-8 (40 overs)
Belhus Batsman Bowler Runs 4s
Keith Dhannie ct  Azaz b Raj 10 1
Zak Wilson b  Raj 36 6
Jack Thomas ct  and bowled Bharath 38 2
Joshua Clarke ct  Ravi b Bharath 4 1
W.D. Read lbw  b Khan 75 6
Liam Waters ct  Suhail b Shiraz Shahid 14 1
Michael Randall b  Khan 3  
Adam Dudmish not out  15 1
Jamie Fairweather run out  0  
Sam George not out  9 1
Rhys Goulden      
Extras 2nb 4w 12b 3lb  21  
TOTAL : for 8 wickets 226 (40 overs)

Player Name Overs Runs Wickets Economy
Azaz 5 20 0 4
Raj 8 15 2 1.88
Bharath 8 47 2 5.88
Hamza 5 36 0 7.2
Shiraz Shahid 5 19 1 3.8
Ravi 6 33 1 5.5
Khan 3 13 2 4.33

Old Fallopians 159 (37.3 overs)
Old Fallopians Bowler Runs 4s
Suhail Shahid ct  J.Thomas b A.Dudmish 22 4
Bilal Quereshi ct  K.Dhannie b M.Randall 66 9
Matt Wake b  A.Dudmish 0  
Shiraz Shahid run out  (Z.Wilson) 5  
Azaz Khalil run out  (Z.Wilson) 10  
Ravi b  J.Clarke 0  
Raj Rajender ct  K.Dhannie b J.Clarke 1  
Rizwan run out  (J.Fairweather) 8  
Hassan Khan ct  A.Dudmish b M.Randall 2  
Bharath b  R.Goulden 22 4
Hamza Jamshaid not out 0  
extras 3nb 13w 3b 1lb  20  
TOTAL : for 9 wickets 159 (37.3 overs)

Player Name Overs Runs Wickets Economy
Sam George 6 27 0 4.5
Rhys Goulden 6.3 34 1 5.23
Jamie Fairweather 8 27 0 3.38
Adam Dudmish 8 25 2 3.12
Joshua Clarke 3 9 2 3
Michael Randall 4 10 2 2.5
Zak Wilson 2 14 0 7





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