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April 22, 2018 Friendly vs Hobgoblin Nomads Won by 30 runs

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Played at Wandsworth Common
Report by Hassan Khan

The 2018 OF curtain raiser did not disappoint, containing more drama than a Shakespearean tragedy.

The hurly burly began in spectacular fashion, as a red mist landed on Wandsworth Common. It was an Air Ambulance which forced the match to be reduced 35 overs per side.

Having won the toss, I elected to bat in the hope that star batsman Farhad Waqar could navigate through London Marathon roadblocks.

A powerful OF batting line up was destroyed by Nomads' opening pacers Harry and Alex. Stylish opener Ravi was pinned LBW by Alex's full length and a beautiful in-swinger from Harry clean bowled Farhad.

At 19 for 3, yours truly joined Azaz and after a few balls I wished the Air Ambulance had never left! After I was run out, the OF nuclear missile Zubair sauntered to the crease. A mystic sufi in appearance, his languid demeanour and slender physique conceal lightening reflexes and the eyes of a hawk. An explosive 6 was our first serious counter attack.

At 36-5, Bharat joined Zubair and his calm but technically perfect stroke play complemented Zubair's rockets. Slowly our total approached respectability, until unpredictable bounce did for Zubair. It was now obvious that the Wandsworth wicket was more spicy than a Bombay bazaar. Hereafter, our innings folded meekly, despite Bharat valiantly carrying his bat.

The match was sadly a foregone conclusion, with Nomads requiring 85 to win. In our previous encounter, they had comfortably chased down 281. On that occasion, only Farhad's legspin had tested them, so I opened our bowling with Farhad and myself. It was all in vain, as the Nomads scored easily to reach 20.

But the battle was not yet lost and won and so the hurly burly was not yet done ... a loosener from me that should have been carved to the boundary miraculously bowled the batsman. Next ball, a regulation catch was spilled at gully and when Farhad missed a tough caught & bowled chance, Old Fallopians appeared to be returning to old habits.

Enter Shyam, a mystery pacer specialising in full length accurate bowling. The man was in a trance, completely unstoppable. He was brilliantly supported by Yusuf, bowling left arm fast unplayable boomerangs.

Further to this, the Nomads, a talented young batting unit, included three Australians ... cue mental disintegration, sandpaper jokes and aggressive sledging from O.F.

Wickets tumbled and the pressure of chasing a low total resulted in a spectacular victory for OF. Among the rubble of 54 all out, Shyam was honoured with the match ball - his dreamy 7-9 possibly the best bowling figures ever for us? (Without a doubt! - TC).

John Shaw agreed that this was one of the most thrilling cricket contests he had ever played in - and that from a man who has played for over 60 years. This match was more Alice in Wonderland than Shakespeare's Macbeth. (Hopefully, you didn't wake up and find it was all a dream! - TC)

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Old Fallopians 84 (27 overs)

Ammar Malji      ct      b Jackson   4
Ravi Chandrea    lbw     b Manning   6
Farhad Waqar             b Jackson   4
Azaz Khalil      ct ?    b Jackson   5
Hassan Khan      run out             2
Zubair Gardiwala ct ?    b Konecny  24
Barath           not out            19
Yusuf Malji              b Josh      5
Shyam            ct?     b Siresena  4
John Shaw        ct ?    b Siresena  0
Extras b 1, w 4, nb 3:               8
Total:                              84

Jackson  7-0-14-3
Manning  7-0-24-1
Billy    6-0-17-0
Konecny  5-0-1-28
Josh     1-1-0-1
Siresena 1-0-5-1

Hobgoblin Nomads 54 (22.1 overs)

J Hankinson              b Shyam 15
D Molamuke               b Khan   2
T Fernando               b Shyam 18
J Lynch lbw              b Shyam  4
B Salsbury       ct?     b Shyam  0
B Ansar                  b Malji  0
Niz Siresena             b Shyam  0
Dhush Ranasinghe         b Shyam  2
Alex Manning     not out          0
Harry Jackson    ct ?    b Malji  0
Phil Konecny             b Shyam  4
Extras b 4, w 3:                  7
Total:                           54

Waqar 5-0-11-0
Khan  7-1-29-1
Shyam 6.1-0-9-7
Malji 4-1-2-2




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