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April 25, 2018 League 1st VIII vs Mad Morrocas Won by 5 wickets
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Played at Victoria Park
Report by Suhail Shahid

Excellent start to the 2018 Victoria Park league with a close win for Old Fallopians. A game played in wet conditions and hard to run. Match went to the last over and that made it more exciting. Mad Morrocas scored 95 for 6 in 14 overs. Old Fallopians chased with loss of two wickets in 13.5 overs.

TOSS: Old Fallopians won the toss and elected to field first. Match was reduced to 14 over each. We had issues finding the 2nd pair of stumps which delayed the start.

BOWLING: An all round performance as we tried five bowlers. Rav and Sarwar started with new ball. Sarwar got the reward for tight line with a high catch by Sheraz at mid-off. Laurie ran out their main batsman with a direct hit while the batsmen tried to steal a 2nd run. Bilal started with really good pace and the middle stump of their batsman in his first over. Sheraz then joined the sun with two wickets. One caught by Farhad running in from long-on and other by Shameer at deepish cow corner. Shameer also got rewarded in his 1st over with Sarwar catching the ball at short fine leg. Overall it was excellent display of bowling.

BATTING: Suhail and Farhad started with a bang and got the score to 49 in five overs without loss. Farhad lost his wicket trying to hit over mid-on but had scored 25 at a good pace with two crisp boundaries. The ball had lost its shape and was getting really hard to hit. Laurie joined Suhail and made brought some urgency in running. With last over starting we needed four runs to win. Lost Lairie to a good catch at short fine leg for 8 with Old Fallopians within two runs of victory in three balls. Shameer ran two leg byes. It was bit of drama on the last leg bye as fielding side appealed for a run out which was not there. Suhail remained not out on 47.

FIELDING: Excellent fielding from all as outstanding catching by Sheraz, Farhad, Shammer and Sarwar. Excellent run out from Laurie and not a single miss field on the wet outfield. Laurie’s keeping was outstanding – We had only 1bye and not a single no ball and only three wides in whole innings. Fielding gear just like the score book and cricket kit is taken by 2nd team so we had to borrow the keeping gloves.


Mad Marrocas 94-6 (14 overs)

Edgar          run out 24
Alfie   ct ? b Sarwar   8
Charlie      b Bilal   12
Rob     ct ? b Sheraz  21
Tom     ct ? b Sheraz  11
Tobin   ct ? b Shameer 14
Billy                   0
Ed                      0
EXTRAS                  4
TOTAL                  94

Rav     3-24-0
Sarwar  4-19-1
Bilal   3-12-1
Sheraz  3-18-2
Shameer 1-6-1

Old Fallopians 1st VIII 98-2 (13.5 overs)

Suhail Shahid     not out 47
Farhad Waqar   ct b Billy 25
Laurie Roberts ct b Alfie  8
EXTRAS                    18
TOTAL                     98

Edgar   4-25-0
Charlie 2-25-0
Alfie   4-15-1
Billy   3-22-1


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