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April 25, 2018 League 2nd VIII vs Sky Lost by 80 runs
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Played at Victoria Park
Report by Hassan Khan

This fixture was the first ever for an Old Fallopians 2nd VIII, a sure sign that our club is going from strength to strength, the first ever time a club has fielded two teams in the VPCCL.

In true April fashion, the match was preceded by heavy rain and so the contest was reduced to 14 overs per side.

Sky, one of the strongest outfits in the VPCCL, won the toss and blasted away from the beginning. They were, however, checked by some excellent seam bowling from Phillip. Debutants Faisel and Jack also backed him up well. In all, six bowlers were used with yours truly picking up 2-19 from 3 overs, thanks to some excellent catching.

The target of 157 in 14 overs was always academic, but we took on the challenge comforted by the knowledge that a plucky defeat would send us nearer to the gentler climate of Division Two, after this and two further preliminary games.

A total of 76-7 was heavily indebted to opener (and wicketkeeper) Matt Wake, who carried his bat for a pugnacious 27 not out.

We'll done to all against a tough opposition.

Sky 156-3 (14 overs)

Nozmul ct Wake    b Barrass    25
Soomro              retired    51
Safraz ct Barrass b Khan       22
Aleeem ct Holmes  b Khan       18
Hafeez              not out     8
Sheraz              not out     3
Extras: b 3, lb 2, w 9, nb 3:  17
Total                         156

FOW: 1-46 (Nozmul), 2-122 (Safraz), 3-149 (Aleem)

Wright  2-0-29-0
Holmes  3-0-27-0
Barrass 2-0-16-1
Mahboob 2-0-16-0
Razzaq  2-0-36-0
Khan    3-0-2-19

Old Fallopians 2nd VIII 76-6

Jack Wright       ct Soomro b Hafeez   0
Matt Wake                     not out 27
Philip Barrass              b Sheraz   4
Hayat Amin 1      ct Sheraz b Asif     1
Faisel Mahboob              b Dani    14
Jack Holmes                 b Ansab    9
Hassan Khan       ct Hafeez b Sheraz   2
Shah-Fahad Razzaq             not out  2
Extras: lb 2, w 3, nb 5:              10
Total                                 76

1-0 (Wright), 2-7 Barrass, 3-14 Amin, 4-33 Mahboob, 5-64 Holmes, 6-70 Khan

Hafeez 1-1-0-1
Asif   4-0-22-1
Sheraz 4-0-16-2
Anzab  3-0-20-1
Dani   2-0-14-1


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