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May 15, 2018 League 2nd VIII vs Crossrail Won by 23 runs
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They beat Crossrail
They beat Crossrail: (standing L-R) Hassan Khan, Jack Wright, Kemet, Samsuddin Tipu; (kneeling L-R) Kafh Hasan, Philip Barrass, Matt Wake, Kemet's friend, John Shaw, Tim Castle     


Played at Victoria Park, pitch 3
Report by Tim Castle

Excellent victory for the Old Fallopians 2nd, our first ever in the league as a 2nd VIII.
- Lovely warm evening, much improved on the cold and dreary opener against Sky three weeks before
- Outstanding debut for Samsuddin Tipu, clean bowling the batsman on his first delivery, bowling the replacement within a couple of deliveries, and taking another wicket the next over
- Great debut too for Kemet Barrington,  taking a solid catch, and providing assists to keeper Kafh for two run outs

- We were put into bat after losing the toss, Kafh and Wake making a confident start and putting on 71 runs between them.
- Good contributions at the crease also from Tipu and Philip Barrass. Jack Wright nobly run out in search of a run after coming in at the end of our last over

- In reply to our target of 148, Crossrail initially looked dangerous, with their keeper Ed M effortlessly bashing the ball past the wide boundaries of pitch 3.
- But once Wright removed his stumps with an excellent yorker, the opposition started to waver, finally collapsing under Tipu's mesmerising bowling.
- TC took nasty blow on forearm while bowling, taking evasive action when Venn fired the ball straight back at him (and it still hurts!)
- Even though we used seven bowlers we kept the opposition well under their target, showing the depth of our bowling.

Despite winning this game, our previous thrashing by Sky ensured that we came third (of four) in our preliminary group, saving us from the rigours of Division One and sending us towards the sunny meadows of Division Two for the rest of the season.

Well done all.

Old Fallopians 147-5 (16 overs)
Kafh Hasan       ct Taylor b Edmonds 36
Matt Wake        st Edward b Firoz   35
Samsuddin Tipu             b Firoz   19
Philip Barrass             run out   21
Kemet Barrington           not out    9
Jack Wright                run out    0
Hassan Khan      dnb
Tim Castle       dnb
Extras w 18, nb 3, lb 2:             23
Total                               147

FoW 1-66 (Kafh), 2-107 (Wake), 3-127 (Tipu), 4-147 (Barrass), 5-147 (Wright)

Sadique 2-0-14-0
Venn    4-0-31-0
Edmonds 3-0-26-1
Firoz   4-0-33-2
Atul    2-0-31-0
Taylor  1-0-6-0

Crossrail 124-6 (14 overs)
Richard Taylor       run out  24
Ed M                 b Wright 38
Firoz Husain         b Tipu    5
Dan Venn     c Kemet b Castle 37
Tim Edmonds          b Tipu    1
Atul                 run out   2
Ben                  b Tipu    0
Sadique              not out   5
Extras w 8, lb 2, b 1:        11
Total                        124

Castle  3-0-30-1
H Khan  2-0-29-0
Kemet   2-0-15-0
Wright  2-0-17-1
Wake    2-0-18-0
Tipu    2-1-4-3
Barrass 1-0-11-0


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