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May 22, 2018 Cup, 2nd VIII vs Best Nationals Won by 38 runs
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They beat Best Nationals
They bested Best Nationals: (standing L-R) Samsuddin Tipu, Kemet, Philip Barrass, Freddie Barrass, Faisel Mahboob (League President Bert Vandermark is at far right); (kneeling L-R) Tim Castle, Jack Holmes, Matt Wake, John Shaw.  


Played at Victoria Park, pitch 2
Report by Tim Castle

Old Fallopians won the toss and we decided to bat as we had a strong batting line-up for this Cup game.
- Freddie Barrass and Matt Wake had little trouble notching up 50s before retiring
- First 50 ever for Matt Wake!
- Tipu also hit 50 and was even quicker getting to the target, retiring on the penultimate ball of the innings, allowing Philip Barrass to score one run off his one ball faced.
- Best Nationals hampered by playing one short, leaving huge gaps in the field, Saj Rehman held up in traffic and only arriving in our 15th over.

- Having set a sizeable target of 185, it looked safe to mix up the bowling, but like the batting, we had a strong bowling side.
- Kemet took the only wicket, ably caught by Jack Holmes
- Our bowling was generally tight and the opposition soon fell behind the required run rate
- Towards the end, even though there was still a theoretical chance of reaching the total (80 needed off the last four overs), the Best National batsmen lost heart and barely ran between the wickets.

A decisive victory for the 2nds, gaining us a further Cup fixture against Camel Lights on May 30.

Well done all.

Old Fallopians 184-0 (16 overs)
Freddie Barrass retired not out 53
Matt Wake       retired not out 50
Samsuddin Tipu  retired not out 50
Faisel Mahboob          not out  5
Philip Barrass          not out  1
Jack Holmes             dnb
Kemet Barrington        dnb
Tim Castle              dnb
Extras: w 22, b 1, lb 1:        24
Total                          184

Pratik 4-0-38-0
Trith  4-0-50-0
Ravi   4-0-55-0
Sumit  4-0-51-0

Best Nationals 146-1 (16 overs)
Suraj   retired not out 53
Raj    c Holmes b Kemet 21
Ravi            not out 29
Pratik          not out 34
Extras: w 5, b 2:        7
Total                  146

Kemet     3-0-32-1
Holmes    3-0-21-0
F Barrass 2-0-11-0
Castle    2-0-11-0
Mahboob   3-0-46-0
Tipu      3-0-23-0


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