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June 24, 2018 Friendly vs Clapton Falcons Lost by 49 runs

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In the mill: Old Fallopians bat against Clapton Falcons                  Photo: Steve Hamilton                            



Played at Millfields
Report by Hassan Khan

This fixture was played in tropical sunshine and started inauspiciously, with the toss forfeited due to late arrival of OF players. Consequently, a powerful Falcons batting side got off to a solid start.

Steve, up the previous night frying samosas, opted not to bowl but his player selection proved impeccable as ever. Saeed Shah, a man with an exotic past, bowled perfect left arm pace, swinging the ball into right handers. The best of our bowlers was the evergreen John Shaw, who bowled four perfect overs of control and bowled a menacing Falcons batsman.

He was ably supported by young Hamza, who took two wickets. In true OF fashion, however, excellent bowling contrasted with some shocking pies, alas well before tea! Falcons helped themselves to an imposing 277 from 35 overs.

After several hours' toil , Steve's samosas were supplemented by a 'sympathy' Pizza and chicken wings from the opposition.

The OF got off to an excellent start, thanks to Raj and Farhad. When Raj deflected a late cut to the keeper, his compatriot Bharat continued the classy strokeplay; the shot of the match was a good length ball nonchalantly pulled off the back foot by Bharat for a glorious six.

Sadly, as expected, batting like millionaires often bankrupts a team. So it proved, but the game was now effectively Clapton Falcons v Farhad. The big man, unfortunately, combined Inzamam-ul-Haq's brilliant strokeplay with Inzy's running between the wickets.

The Falcons were gifted an opening when yours truly was run out and Farhad continued to flutter between genius and madness, playing across one and falling LBW for 90.

Pride is something OF always win on and although our tail collapsed like a Brompton bicycle, Steve and John salvaged honour with a solid 25-run partnership. Unfortunately, this match is now under ICC anti-corruption unit investigation, since Steve was dropped six times in an innings of 15!

This was just the beginning. John held court at his magnificent Victorian mansion until 2am Monday. It was truly an amazing day of cricket. Congratulations to Clapton Falcons and well done Fallopians for a memorable day.

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Clapton Falcons 277-5 (35 overs)
Zamir   ct Dubey    b Khan     15
Mohsin  ct Rajender b Waqar    36
Ibrahim ct Shaw     b Jamshaid 69
Jamil               b Shaw     13
Abrahim ct Dubey    b Jamshaid 87
Sajid   run out                33
Rafiq   not out                 2
Masrom  not out                 1
Extras b 3 nb 3 lb 1 w 14:     21

Khan        7-0-41-1
Hussain     5-1-23-1
Bopanapally 3-0-16-0
Waqar       3-0-36-1
Shaw        4-0-15-1
Rejender    5-0-37-0
Jamshaid    4-0-29-2
Dubey       2-0-28-0
Ilyas       1-0-23-0
Ali         1-0-7-0

Old Fallopians 228 (33.1 overs)
Raj Rajender        ct ? b Mohammed 24
Farhad Waqar        lbw  b Jamil    90
Bharath Bopanapally ct ? b Mohammed 17
Haider Ilyas        ct ? b Rafiq    18
Hassan Khan         run out          5
Vishnu Dubey             b Jamil     9
Hamza Jamshaid           b Idris    10
Syed Hussain        ct ? b Mohsin   12
Yasir Ali                b Imtiaz    0
Steve Hamilton      not out         15
John Shaw                b Rafiq     1
Extras nb 10 w 17:                  27
Total                              228




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