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August 14, 2018 2nd VIII vs Expats Lost by 1 wicket
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Played v Expats
Expatriated players: (L-R standing) Umair Shahzad, Waseem Furqan, Hassan Khan, Syed Hussain, Faisel Mahboob; (L-R kneeling) Ilyas Mansha, Matt Wake        Photo: George Watson


Played at Victoria Park, pitch 3
Report by Hassan Khan

To quote Charles Dickens, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." August 14, Pakistan Independence Day, is always special and a strong Pakistani contingent were determined to beat a side vying for top spot in VPCCL's Division 2.

With a player dropping out at short notice, public transport chaos and myself delayed by 45 minutes, last minute replacement Steve Hamilton, nursing a shoulder injury, won the toss and elected to bat.

Waseem Furqan and the ever-dependable Matt Wake got us off to a flyer. When I arrived we were 68-1 from 6 overs. Hereafter, Matt and Ilyas got tied down until Matt deliberately ran himself out. However, the much needed innings acceleration was elusive, as we limped to 124-2 from 16 overs.

A supremely confident Expats side, backed up by effervescent supporters, coasted. The major problem for us was attempting to restrict boundaries by spreading the field and thus allowing an easy two runs almost every ball. We tried varying the pace but Steve's shoulder restricted his usual accuracy. Expats were motoring at 10 runs an over and required around 50 from the last eight overs.

Our only chance was to take wickets. Leg spin from Faisal did the trick. More importantly, the fielders were brought in to stop the singles and Expats took the bait. Wickets fell regularly and, in dusky twilight, out strode their last man.

He had to face a hostile spell from Waseem and held the bat like it was a sledgehammer. A full length ball and a chorus of "howzat!" for leg before. Not out. Two balls later the batsmen scampered a two. Expats had won with one wicket to spare.

Congratulations to the Expats and well played Fallopians. A thrilling game of cricket.  

Old Fallopians 2nd VIII 124-4 (16 overs)
Waseem Furqan  c &         b James   48
Matt Wake†     run out (Burton*†)    33
Ilyas Mansha   st Burton*† b Hickson 17
Faisel Mahboob st Burton*† b Hickson  0
Umair Shahzad  not out                0
Syed Shah      dnb
Steve Hamilton dnb
Hassan Khan*   dnb
Extras w 10, nb 4, b 1, lb 1:        16
Total                               124

SMSK Kaulder 2-0-17-0
AH Hickson   4-0-38-2
NB Buckley   2-0-17-0
E James      2-0-19-1
HF Forth     3-0-22-0
CJJ Jarver   2-0-17-0

Expats 125-6 (14.2 overs)
AH Hickson      c Hussain b Khan*   34
E James                   b Mahboob 24
JDB Burton*†              b Furqan  23
SMSK Kaulder    c Mansha  b Khan*    4
HF Forth                  b Furqan  13
CJJ Jarver                b Furqan   2
NB Buckley      not out              6
CDOS O'Sullivan not out              3
Extras w 14, b 4:                   18
Total                              125

Shahzad 3.2-0-25-0
Shah      1-0-12-0
Hamilton  1-0-10-0
Khan*     4-0-39-2
Mahboob   2-0-11-1
Furqan    3-0-13-3


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