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May 7, 2019 2nd VIII vs MUFG Lost by 1 wicket
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They almost beat MUFG
Pipped at the post: (Standing L-R) Graham McGee, Jonathan Stebbins, Samsuddin Tipu, Faisel Mahboob, Jack Wright; (kneeling L-R) Jack Holmes, Matt Wake, Philip Barrass                                              Photo: Tim Castle


Played at Victoria Park, pitch 1
Report by Matt Wake (captain)

This was Old Fallopians 2nds first game of the 2019 season in Victoria Park v MUFG and what a cracker it was! The weather was perfect and the sun was shining. Graham McGee had his first appearance for Old Fallopians and proved to be a very competent cricketer bringing energy and enthusiasm to the team welcome to Old Fallopians, Graham.

We won the toss and chose to bat first on the smallest of the pitches next to the tennis courts. We batted well with two 50s from Tipu and myself (Matt) and got 163 runs which is about par on this pitch. Game on!

Jack Wright took a very good catch off his own bowling from a ball that went high into the air. Initially there was some confusion, with both Jack and Graham calling for the ball and both going for the catch, but it was Jack who got their first and held on. Johnathan Stebbing bowled extremely well but it was Philip Barrass who walked away with the accolades (and three wickets!).

The opposition MUFG had some decent batsmen with one particulary good one. He had retired earlier after getting his 50 and when Mr Barrass kept getting wickets at all the wrong times, this gentlemen returned to the crease. MUFG needed 10 (I think) off the last over and with their best batsman facing MUFG won it on the last ball of the game. What a game!

MUFG were a very decent bunch of chaps and the game was played in the right spirit.

Old Fallopians 163-3 (16 overs)

Philip Barrass ct Fenner b N Gatta 3
Matt Wake*              retired  50
Samsuddin Tipu           retired  50
Graham McGee             not out  34
Faisel Mahboob           run out   1
Jonathan Stebbins        run out   3
Extras (w 16, nb 7, lb 2)         25
Total                            163

DNB: Jack Wright, Jack Holmes
Fall of Wicket: 10-1 P Barrass, 135-2 F Mahboob, 165-3 J Stebbins

T Poddar*        3-0-17-0
N Gatta          3-0-29-1
L Fenner         3-0-37-0
A Akram          3-0-25-0
J Patel          2-0-19-0
B Munwae         1-0-22-0
K Karnatakeshwar 1-0-13-0

MUFG 167-6 (16 overs)

T Wright                   not out      65
K Karnatakeshwar ct Wright b J Wright    2
A Akram          ct Wake   b S Tipu     32
L Fenner         lbw       b J Stebbins 11
J Patel                    b P Barrass   8
N Gatta          ct McGee  b P Barrass  22
B Munwae                   not out       3
T Poddar*                  b P Barrass  10
Extras (w 8, b 3, lb 3)                 14
Total                                  167

Fall of Wicket: 4-1 K Karnatakeshwar, 69-2 A Akram, 107-3 L Fenner, 138-4 N Gatta, 140-5 J Patel, 155-6 T Poddar*

J Wright   4-0-40-1
J Holmes   2-0-21-0
S Tipu     3-0-30-1
F Mahboob  2-0-25-0
J Stebbins 3-0-26-1
P Barrass  2-0-19-3


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