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May 14, 2019 2nd VIII vs Phoenix All Stars Won by 2 wickets
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They beat Phoenix
Starry-eyed: (Standing L-R) Philip Barrass, Jack Holmes, Samsuddin Tipu, Jonathan Stebbins;
(kneeling L-R) Kafh Hasan, Ollie Gold, Matt Wake, Ilyas Mansha                                             Photo: Tim Castle


Played at Victoria Park, pitch 1
Report by Matt Wake (captain)

The weather was kind to us again and we were once again on the smallest pitch next to the tennis courts.

The game started out a bit stressful (for myself at least) as two people were running late. We lost the toss and the opposition chose to bat first. With one of the people running late being Kafh Hasan, our star wicket keeper, we had Ollie Gold as temporary wicket keeper and Graham McGee as stand-in fielder.

I thought our bowling was very good and we restricted them to quite a low score (141) even though we didnít help ourselves with six dropped catches, yes six! We were also greatly helped by Ollieís fielding. I can confidently say Ollie is one of the best fielders I have ever played cricket with, the man is quite amazing in the field.

Kafh kept us entertained with regular (every ball) attempted run outs but actually missing the stumps every single time.

Our batting didnít start well with myself getting a very disappointing 1 run and we were several wickets down with still a lot of runs to get. Then, after another wicket fell, Kafh walked to the crease and although he was dropped at least once he did put together a very good innings, eventually reaching 42 runs.

We needed just above 10 runs an over off the last four overs, but Kafh and Jonathan Stebbins cruised past our target with an over and two balls to spare. The winning runs came from a four hit by Johnathan where it looked like the fielder had it comfortably covered but at the last second the ball spun cruelly and trickled over the boundary.

Again the opposition were a great bunch of chaps and the game was played in an excellent spirit and great respect to several players who were fasting for Ramadan. I have to mention that the umpiring so far this season has been very fair, with LBW decisions being given which is great to see.

This was a really good win for the OF 2nds.

Phoenix All Stars 141-4 (16 overs)

Ravi Sagi              b J Holmes    0
Saj Rehman     ct Tipu b M Wake*    10
Joe Banks      ct Gold b S Tipu      4
Firoz Hussain* lbw     b J Stebbins 32
Sarfraz Ahmed  not out              43
D Dani         not out              27
Extras (w 11, nb 1, b 1, lb 1)      14
Total                              141

DNB: Mo Ansari, Angus Grant
FOW: Sagi, Rehman, Banks, Hussain*

J Holmes   4-0-34-1
S Tipu     4-0-19-1
P Barrass  3-0-30-0
M Wake*    2-0-14-1
J Stebbins 3-0-36-1

Old Fallopians 2nd VIII 143-5 (14.4 overs)

Ollie Gold        ct and  b F Hussain* 10
Matt Wake*                b M Ansari    1
Ilyas Mansha      ct Sagi b M Ansari    0
Kafh Hassan       not out              42
Samsuddin Tipu            b S Rehman   26
Philip Barrass    lbw     b M Ansari   23
Jonathan Stebbins not out              12
Extras (w 11, b 7, lb 1) 19
Total 143

DNB: J Holmes
FOW: 2-1 Wake*, 10-2 Mansha, 18-3 Gold, 72-4 Tipu, 100-5 Barrass

M Ansari   4-0-32-3
F Hussain* 4-0-18-1
A Grant    1.4-0-13-0
S Rehman   3-0-33-1
J Banks    1-0-12-0
R Sagi     1-0-15-0


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