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Sept 1, 2019 Friendly vs Cincinnati Won by 8 wickets

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They won v Cincinnati
Sunset gaze: John Shaw, Hassan Khan, Saleem Ahmed, Vishnu Dubey, Adeel Hussian



Played at Greenwich Park
Report by Hassan Khan (captain)

The first day of September and historic Greenwich greeted us with glorious sunshine and impeccable hospitality.

Cincinnati captain Brendan Carlin won the toss and chose to bat on an unusually well-behaved wicket. Nevertheless, our bowling attack was packed with seamers. The incomparable Syed opened with his boomerang left arm fast-medium swingers and was supported by Asad [Asif on scorecard]. They were replaced by equally effective Tal and Azaz.

However, Cincinatti were making steady progress until the evergreen John Shaw took vital wickets, thanks to a brilliant running low catch on the boundary from Syed to dismiss the threatening Afzal for 52.

Indeed, whenever Cincinatti looked set for launching an attack, our bowlers put the brakes on via key wickets. Sohaib impressed with his line and hostility and yours truly [Asam on scorecard!] took two wickets in his first over before foolishly attempting to catch a rocket at mid-wicket! The resulting injury meant we were now both a batsman and bowler short.

Having threatened 250 plus, Cincinatti were restricted to a modest 192 from 35 overs.

In reply, our early loss of Chetan, Asad and Jack put us under pressure and the match was Cincinatti's to lose.

But lose they did as opener Vishnu provided a solid backdrop for sumptuous strokeplay from Azaz. In one unforgettable over, Brendan placed three fielders on the leg side to choke off Azaz's favourite sweep shot - and three times the ball bisected the hapless Cincinatti placemen. Cue some finger-wagging from Brendan and the bowler now bowled a turning ball on the off stump ... to which Azaz rocked back and cut savagely through backward point!

An unbroken 150-partnership gave the Fallopians a richly deserved eight wicket win and more than made up for the captain's swollen and painful right hand.

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Cincinnati 192-9 (35 overs)
Jackson  lbw Cri                 14
Afzel    ct S Hussian b Shaw     52
Abid     lbw Saleem              15
Rameez   b Shaw                   9
Faisal   ct Dubey b Khan          6
Haad     b Ahmed                 26
Asif     b Khan                   4
Zalfi    run out                 38
Alistair ct S Saleem b A Hussian  7
Alex     not out                  2
Brendan  not out                  0
Extras (w 6, b 5, lb 1)          12
Total                           192

Syed Hussian  4-1-3-0
Asad Mushtaq  4-0-24-0
Talal Cri     4-0-23-1
Azaz Kahlil   4-1-7-0
John Shaw     7-0-52-2
Sohaib Saleem 4-0-20-1
Hassan Khan   3-0-18-2
Adeel Hussian 3-0-13-1
Saleem Ahmed  2-0-10-1

Old Fallopians 193-2 (31.5 overs)
Vishnu Dubey   not out         78
Chetan Malotra ct Abid b Afzel  6
Asad Mushtaq   lbw Faisal       0
Azaz Kahlil    not out         87
Extras (w 15, lb 5, b 2)       22
Total                         193
DNB: Syed Hussian, Talal Cri, John Shaw, Sohaib Saleem, Hassan Khan, Adeel Hussian, Saleem Ahmed

Fasial         6-0-22-1
Afzal          7-0-20-1
Haad           2-0-17-0
Zulfi          4-0-17-0
Asif           7-0-50-0
Brendan Carlin 2-0-19-0
Alex           2-0-21-0
Alistair       1.5-0-18-0


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