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July 12, 2020 Friendly vs Southgate Adelaide Lost by 6 wickets

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They lost to Southgate Adelaide
Socially distanced: (Standing back row L-R) Atik Sinda, Steve Hamilton, Altaf Hansa; (sitting L-R) Yusuf Malji, Suleman Gujia; (standing front row L-R) Jack Turner, Azaz Khahil, Syed Hussain, Majid Patel. (Not shown: Mohammed Junaid, Jakeria Ahmed, see pictures below match report)
Click here for more photos from the match                                                                     Photo: Tim Castle



Played at Walker Ground, Southgate
Report by Steve Hamilton (captain)

Cricket is back! The sun was out and the birds were chirping and everyone was looking forward to starting our season off on a positive note.

Sadly it ends there. I would normally have said this fixture was just a forgettable and distant memory, but due to world circumstances (Covid 19) and our first fixture since lockdown restrictions have been lifted, it was just great to get out on the field once again.

Now where do I start? Well, I won the toss and decided to bat, which I think was the right decision as we had a strong squad, but just lacking a bit of match play and the rustiness. This lack of practice showed as many of our batsmen just couldn't get into their stride apart from Azaz Khalil (top scorer 44) and Suleman Gujia (28) we got a measly total of 117 all out in 25.3 overs.

After tea it definitely wasn't going to be easy defending such a small total. Our opening bowlers Syed Hussain and Gujia both bowled a tight line, beating the bat numerous times. But we just didn't have the rub of the green on the day until Gujia got an outside edge which went towards Junaid Mohammed, who took a brilliant catch low to the ground, somehow managing to get his hands underneath the ball before it hit the turf.

Jakeria Ahmed and Majid Patel took a wicket each and both bowled with control and accuracy.

I came on to bowl towards the end and was fortunately lucky - or was it just pure calculated thinking - to get their top scorer out for 73. I had set up my defensive back four at cow corner, mid off, long off, deep extra cover and it worked! The batter had no respect for my bowling and just came to smash me out of the ground but fell into my trap and hit the ball towards long off, where Gujia took an extraordinarily difficult catch to his right, amazingly taking it in one hand! A few deliveries later, I got hit for six and the game was over. We lost by 6 wickets.

At the end of the day, we got schooled by colts, but we'll be back to fight again as someone* once said:

"We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender!"

* Ed - was it that bloke with the cigar?

Jakeria and Junaid
Missed the team photo (while inspecting the pitch): Jakeria Ahmed and Mohammed Junaid    Photos: Tim Castle
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Appeal not given
Another one that got away: Yusuf's appeal fails to impress the umpire                                      Photo: Tim Castle
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Old Fallopians 117-10 (25.3 overs)
Atik Sinda      ct Hammond b Gibbons 10
Jack Turner     ct S.Patel b Gibbons  0
Mohammed Junaid ct Hammond b D Patel  3
Azaz Kahlil     ct D.Patel b Cox     44
Majid Patel                b Cox      5
Atlaf Hasna                b Allen    7
Jakeria Ahmed              b Cox      3
Suleman Gujia   run out              28
Yusuf Malji     lbw        b S Patel  0
Steve Hamilton  ct Cox     b S Patel  1
Syed Hussain    not out               0
Extras (b8, lb4, w4)                 16
Total                               117

F. Gibbons 6-1-21-2
D. Patel   4-2-4-1
Allen      6-0-17-1
E. Cox     5-0-34-3
S. Patel   2.3-0-9-2
B. Hammond 2-0-21-0

Southgate Adelaide 120-4 (26.5 overs)
E. Furguson   ct Mohammed b Suleman   4
S. Patel      ct Suleman  b Hamilton 73
H. Cox        lbw         b Ahmed     2
B. Hammond                b Patel     8
B. Mc Dermott not out                22
E. Cox        not out                 1
Extras (b8, w2)                      10
Total                               120

Syed Hussain     4-2-5-1
Suleman Gujia    5-0-9-1
Jakeria Ahmed    4-0-26-1
Yusuf Malji      4-0-26-0
Majid Patel      4-0-18-1
Mohammed Junaid  3-0-15-0
Steve Hamilton   1.5-0-10-1
Azaz Kahlil      1-0-3-0


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