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April 20, 2021 1st VIII vs Super Rangers Won by 6 wickets
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Mo Junaid
Super striker: Mo Junaid blasts another delivery to the boundary                         Photo: George Watson


Played at Victoria Park, pitch 1
Report by Suhail Shahid

Great game played on rather cold and gloomy evening but match was heated. Lot of cheering from boundary from our team. We won comfortably with 1.2 overs to spare and with six wickets intact.

Fielding: Good fielding with an outstanding catch by Junaid on the boundary diving forward. Two stretch catches (left and right) by Ollie.

Bowling: We kept pressure and they were never looking to run away. Sultan and Jabar started with good pace, mixing fuller and short pitched deliveries. Jabar made the first breakthrough, hitting top of the middle stump. Then Jabar entered and got two wickets in the 1st over, which broke their plan to accelerate. Overall great bowling, but too many wides in the first game wohich we need to improve.

Batting: Shameer and Bilal started where they left last year. Great 50 from Shahmeer, everyone contributed, keeping strike rates over 155 percent individualy and then Jabar came and finished in a flourish with 2 sixes and 2 fours with a strike rate of 275 percent.



Super Rangers 164-5 (16 overs)
Ajmal Afzal     c Mo Junaid b Jabar Achikzai    20
Altaf Bhat      b Jabar Achikzai                10
A Venkatasamy run out (Jabar/Wrighton )       1
Muhammad Naveed retired                         51
Asad Mujaba     c Ollie Wrighton b Mo Junaid   8
Saif Ali        c Ollie Wrighton b Mo Junaid   3
Anhar Hoque     not out                         34
Iqbal Miah *    not out                          6
Extras (w 16, nb 3, lb 8)                       27
Total                                          164
FOW: 40-1 Altaf Bhat, - Muhammad Naveed*,
40-2 A Venkatasamy , 60-3 Ajmal Afzal, 80-4 Asad Mujaba,
110-5 Saif Ali

Moazam Sultan   4-0-34-0
Jabar Achikzai  4-0-32-2
Mo Junaid       2-0-19-2
Sheraz Shahid   4-0-39-0
Shameer Qureshi 2-0-16-0

Old Fallopians 167-2 (14.4 overs)
Bilal Qureshi    run out (A Venkatasamy )    40
Shameer Qureshi  retired                      50
Ollie Wrighton c Ajmal Afzal b Anhar Hoque  23
Suhail Shahid *  not out                      23
Mo Junaid        not out                      22
Extras (w 8, nb 1)                             9
Total                                        167
DNB: Sheraz Shahid, Moazam Sultan, Jabar Achikzai
FOW: 100-1 Bilal Qureshi, - Shameer Qureshi*,
140-3 Ollie Wrighton

Muhammad Naveed 3-0-21-0
Ajmal Afzal     2-0-25-0
Altaf Bhat      3-0-28-0
Saif Ali        2-0-21-0
Iqbal Miah *    2.4-0-36-0
Anhar Hoque     2-0-27-1



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