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April 20, 2021 2nd VIII vs Wolverines Won by 11 runs
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Last Wolverine falls
Last man about to walk: Jack Turner (left) and bowler Jack Holmes appeal for caught behind
                                                                                                                                         Photo: George Watson 


Played at Victoria Park, pitch 2
Report by Tim Castle

The opening match of the season was a game that proved the adage that catches win matches and dropped catches lose them.

With the Fallopians batting first, Jack Holmes survived three catching chances before finally being caught after knocking up a vital 40 runs.

In contrast two tremendous OF catches removed the foundations of the opposition's batting reply before they had a chance to get going. Jack Wright calmly held a massive skied shot at the mid-on boundary which took an age to return towards earth. Philip Barrass's catch was even more impressive, securing the ball at a run.

At the end the match was wrapped up with another catch, a snick taken behind by Jack Turner, with the Wolverine batsman sportingly walking despite the umpire (TC) hesitating to raise his finger.

The Fallopians had set a target of 122 for their Division Three rivals, with an innings that also included knocks of 27 from Turner and 16 from Matt Wake. Extras also contributed with a useful 28, of which 16 were wides.

Wolverines in reply recovered from their shaky start, which saw their numbers two and three dismissed for 1 and 4 respectively by Wright and Barrass's catches.

Soon the Wolves were confidently amassing runs and after eight overs looked like they had the game wrapped up after reaching 98 for the loss of 4 wickets, with dangerman Dougie Gordon going strong on 36, though they were a man short.

Luckily, OF captain Graham McGee had an ace up his sleeve and brought back opening bowler Jack Holmes, who proceeded to dismiss the final two batsmen, and win the game, with his first and fourth deliveries.

That brought Holmes' tally for the match to 4 wickets for 23 runs, putting him at the top of the league's 2021 bowling stats.

Mention should also be made of Faisel Mahboob's slow-ball bamboozling of Wolverine captain George Gibbons, who charged down the wicket only to completely miss the ball and instead watch the looping delivery crash into his stumps.

Jack Wright also earned a wicket after the number 3 Nick Manser whacked the ball into Barrass's safe hands.

A great opening game with the man of the match award going without question to the mighty Jack Holmes. 

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Jack Turner loses his wicket
Beaten by pace: Jack Turner dismissed for 27 by Wolverines' speedy Robbie Martin               Photo: George Watson

Matt Wake strikes out
Watching and waiting: Matt Wake poised to run                                                      Photo: George Watson

George Gibbons bowled
Skipper scuppered: Wolverines captain George Gibbons turns to see his stumps clattered by Faisel Mahboob's deceptively slow delivery                                                                                                   Photo: George Watson

We beat Wolverines
Seasonal openers: (Standing L-R) Tim Castle (umpire), Graham McGee, Ilyas Mansha, Faisel Mahboob, Jack Wright;
(kneeling L-R) Jack Holmes, Matt Wake, Philip Barrass, Jack Turner                              Photo: Jonathan Stebbins

Stebbins wonders
Green Lantern: Part-time photographer Jonathan Stebbins is an island of calm as the victorious Fallopians hurry to strike camp and head for the PP Tavern.                                                             Photo: Tim Castle


Old Fallopians 121-5 (14 overs)
Jack Turner  b Robbie Martin                  27
Jack Holmes    c Dougie Gordon b Robbie Martin  40
Matt Wake      c & b Dougie Gordon              16
Graham McGee * b Nick Manser                     1
Jack Wright    b Nick Manser                     0
Philip Barrass not out                           7
Ilyas Mansha   not out                           2
Extras (w 16, nb 5, b 2, lb 5)                  28
Total                                          121
DNB: Faisel Mahboob
FOW: 67-1 Jack Holmes, 99-2 Jack Turner , 96-3 Graham McGee *, 101-4 Jack Wright, 115-5 Matt Wake

Dougie Gordon    3-0-29-1
Harry Reilly     2-0-16-0
George Gibbons * 2-0-27-0
Nick Manser      4-0-33-2
Robbie Martin    3-0-12-2

Wolverines 111-6 (9.4 overs)
Jake Waring    b Jack Holmes                   30
Charlie Stewart  c Jack Wright b Jack Holmes      1
Nick Manser      c Philip Barrass b Jack Wright   4
Dougie Gordon    b Jack Holmes                   36
George Gibbons * b Faisel Mahboob                12
Robbie Martin    c Jack Turner b Jack Holmes   17
Harry Reilly     not out                          1
Extras (w 10)                                    10
Total                                           111
FOW: 3-1 Charlie Stewart, 7-2 Nick Manser, 44-3 Jake Waring , 67-4 George Gibbons *, 110-5 Dougie Gordon, 111-6 Robbie Martin
Jack Holmes    3.4-0-23-4
Jack Wright    2-0-30-1
Philip Barrass 1-0-11-0
Faisel Mahboob 2-0-25-1
Ilyas Mansha   1-0-22-0



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