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July 18, 2021 Friendly vs Hobgoblin Nomads Won by 97 runs

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They beat Hobgoblin Nomads
Cricket wizards: (Standing L-R) Umair Shahzad, Asad Saleemi, Subhan Aftab, Steve Hamilton, Fahim Pathan,
Mo Junaid, Adnan Walayat, Asad Mushtaq; (kneeling L-R) Jakeria Ahmed, Talal Ali; (not shown) Syed Shah



Played at Mayow Park, Sydenham
Report by Steve Hamilton

I was expecting a close encounter, but it turned out to be a near annihilation!

Now with a settled Fallopians team and everyone knowing their role, we were ready to take revenge for the dramatic defeat by Hobgoblin Nomads last season when we lost by just one run. We needed to heal our wounds and get over the battle scars!

I won the toss and chose to bat in blistering humid conditions with the temperature slightly above 30C. We needed a substantial total to put on the early pressure.

It was a huge ground in deepest Sydenham with some deep cracks on the wicket. The ball kept particularly low from one end, so it was not the easiest of batting tracks.

The game featured a complete role reversal for Jakeria Ahmed, our leading run scorer this season. On this occasion he was in test match mode and held our innings together as we faced a fierce bowling attack on the extremely uncompromising wicket.

He survived countless deliveries and dug out a fair amount of decent yorkers! He made a solid 50 including six fours and survived till the 32nd of our 40 overs. He shared a 3rd wicket partnership with Umair Shahzad of 137.

Shahzad is now beginning to shine as our season progresses and was the clearly the dominant batsman in this collaboration. He played another enthralling knock, full of flair and panache which included eight fours and four sixes in a sensational innings of 81.

Talal Ali and Syed Shah also made useful contributions to our total with cameos towards the end of our innings, scoring 20 and 17 respectively to give us a competitive total of 217.

Defending our tally, our opening bowlers did not take long to get through the openers.

First Umair took the wicket of Salsbury for four. The batter hit the ball straight to cover, where Asad Saleemi took a great catch above his head.

Then Syed took two wickets in three balls, first clean bowling Pohl for two and then removing captain Niz for a duck. Syed delivered the ball across the batterís body, getting a thin edge that raced towards Adnan Walayat, our specialist slip catcher. Walayat is one of those guys that makes catching look easier than it actually is!

Back came Umair with another unplayable delivery that bamboozled Fatnani, who edged it straight into the ever-reliable hands of our keeper Mo Junaid.

Next, our other leftie pace-bowler Talal tore through the middle order batsmen in devastating fashion and clearly ended the hopes of the Nomads! Talalís wickets were all cleaned-bowled. First was Ansar for two, then Logan for 14 and finally Desai for four, leaving the opposition despairing on 45 for 7 off 16 overs.

This was Subhan Aftab's second game and he has started to grow in confidence. He was rewarded with the wicket of McGinnis for six in his first over. The batsman hit the ball straight over the bowlerís head towards long on, where Walayat took his second catch of the day.

Asad Saleemi, playing his third game for the Fallopians, has a mixture of random balls in his repertoire. He outwitted and removed the dangerous Jackson for 18 with a beautifully delivered flighted ball. The delivery floated above the batsmanís eyeline and tempted him to try smash the ball out the park. But he failed miserably and was clean bowled.

I took the final wicket, removing their top scorer Bhardwaj for 29 with my usual full ball deliveries which normally pitch around fourth or fifth stump. The batter tried to take me to Chinatown but was outgunned by a wily old fox. He mistimed his shot completely and skied it to cover, where Talal took the catch effortlessly and therefore ended the game.

We had healed our wounds and had won by a comfortable margin of 97 runs.


Old Fallopians 217 (39.5 overs)
Jakeria Ahmed ct Niz  b Para's   50
Asad Mushtaq          b Reddy     1
Adnan Walayat ct Aman b Reddy     0
Umair Shahzad         b Niz      81
Mo Junaid     lbw     b Para's    1
Talal Ali             b Jackson  20
Fahim Pathan          b Jackson   5
Asad Saleemi          b Para's    8
Syed Shah     not out            17
Subhan Aftab          b Reddy     4
Steve Hamilton        b Reddy     2
Extras (b 11, lb 6, w 9, nb 2)   28
Total                           217

Jackson 8-0-36-2
Reddy   6.5-2-26-4
Aman    8-0-30-0
Charlie 5-0-37-0
Niz     5-0-35-1
Para's  7-0-54-3

Hobgobin Nomads 120 (25.5 overs)
Salsbury  ct Saleemi b Shahzad    4
Pohl                 b Shah       2
Fatnani   ct Junaid  b Shahzad    6
Niz       ct Walayat b Shah       0
Ansar                b Ali        2
Logan                b Ali       14
Desai                b Ali        4
McGinnis  ct Walayat b Aftab      6
Bhardwaj  ct Ali     b Hamilton  29
Jackson              b Saleemi   18
Para's    not out                 4
Extras (b 1, lb 4, w 10, nb 4)   19
Total                           120

Umair Shahzad  6-1-11-2
Syed Shah      4-0-6-2
Talal Ali      4-0-15-3
Asad Mushtaq   2-0-6-0
Asad Saleemi   5-0-40-1
Subhan Aftab   3-0-30-1
Steve Hamilton 1.5-0-1-1

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