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August 8, 2021 Friendly vs Epping Won by 8 wickets

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They beat Epping
The unstoppables: (Standing L-R) Umair Shahzad, Asad Mushtaq, Steve Hamilton, Asad Saleemi, Mo Junaid, Mohammed Rashid; (kneeling L-R) Talal Ali, Jakeria Ahmed, Syed Shah; (sitting) Peter Frisby     Photo by Tim Castle
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Played at Epping
Report by Steve Hamilton

This was the first of our two visits this season to the ever-welcoming home of Epping, where we hoped to reverse last seasonís narrow defeat. After a delayed start from the overnight and morning rain, we reached a compromise for a 2.15pm start and 35-overs game.

I loss the toss, which probably worked in our favour as the opposition chose to bat on an uncompromising damp wicket!

Amazingly at least FIVE missed opportunity catches was presented and zero taken after the first eight overs. This didn't seem to affect the rhythm of our deadly opening bowling duo Umair and Syed Shah. Syed struck first and dismissed Ross for 15 as he attempted a shot over cover, only to fail without any real connection and instead sent the ball straight to Jakeria for the first of his three catches.

Next was BALL OF THE DAY. Umair "Master of Swing" Shahzad delivered an unplayable delivery which boomeranged snake-like in the air from outside off to hit the middle stump. Their captain Hasan departed for 1 and we were firmly in control with Epping wobbling on 23 for 2 off 10 overs.

Asad Mushtaq and Talal Ali bowled a flawless spell and only conceded 18 runs in seven overs.

I came on and took the wicket of Rashid for four on my third delivery! It was a plumb lbw as he attempted a sweep shot. Instead, the ball hit him on the shin in front of middle stump and the umpire had no choice but to send him on his way.

For my second wicket I had to wait until the fourth ball of my second over before I clean bowled opener Dhiru for 12. He made no attempt to play the ball. He left it, assuming it was going pass on the off side but it didn't and hit halfway up off-stump! Not sure if the ball turned or whether it was poor judgement by the batsman. Nevertheless, we now had the opposition crumbling at 49 for 4 off 18 overs.

Old Fallopians legend Peter Frisby rolled back the years and showed that there is still life in the old dog yet! He took three wickets as he ripped through Epping's middle order. He removed Remesh for 50 and Reshad for 0, both caught, the catches taken solidly by Jakeria.

Peter's final victim was the big hitting Sri for 14, undone by a cunning deliver. Peter dragged back his length and bowled slightly wider as the batsman charged down the wicket. The batter was never in touching distance as the ball whistled pass the bat towards fifth stump. At lighting speed the ball was taken by Mo Junaid behind the stumps and the bails were removed - excellent keeping! Peter finished with outstanding figures of 7-0-34-3.

Now Asad Saleemi stepped up and showed what was in his locker. I'm never sure what's awaiting us as he has a store of unpredictable deliveries ready to be unleased. On this occasion he had total control and was dispatching the batsman back to the clubhouse with regularity. First to fall was Vansham for 8 who hit the ball straight to mid-wicket where Talal Ali took the catch effortlessly.

Next to depart was Trevor for a duck. He top-edged the ball behind for Mo Junaid to catch easily. Finally John was bowling out for 2. He was already through his shot and was completely done by a slower ball. Asad finished with exceptional figures of 4.5-0-22-3.

Epping reached 141 off 33.5 overs.

In the break, our first proper cricket tea in two years was served and definitely hit the spot. Fully nourished and with the sunshine now breaking through, we were ready for revenge for that close defeat last season.

We got off to perfect start and were treated to masterclass in destructive hitting. Our opening pair of Jakeria and Asad put on 74 for first wicket. Jakeria scored 46, including five fours and three sixes in brutal fashion. He connected with such force and velocity that it wasn't long before the ball was out of shape! He played some dazzling pull shots, including a particularly handsome lofted drive for six off Hasan, the Epping captain. Hasan changed from medium pace to slow after that.

Asad scored a stylish 37 including six fours and showed his class with some elegant cover drives and delightful cuts to lay down the foundations for our victory.

Next in at the crease was the one and only Mo Junaid who came to conquer and destroy anything that got in his way! In this match he was in absolute BEASTMODE. A glorious semi-circle rainbow lit up in the sky and it looked like the ball was going somewhere over that rainbow at times. With his perfect timing and natural strength Junaid scored a rapid 50 including six sixes and two fours Ė as well as losing two balls in the rough.

This was a display of pure might deployed against the Epping bowling. One fierce pull shot was definitely the biggest six I've ever witnessed, as an OF player at least. It flew 60 metres towards deep square leg, over the boundary line, past the scorerís hut, above the trees and is probably still travelling into another galaxy!

He continued in this merciless manner as he pummelled the ball 360 degrees around the ground.

Moís final six completed his 50 and at the same time took us over the winning line to compete a thumping victory by eight wickets.

Many more pictures from the game here...

Mushtaq runs in to bowl
The flying Fallopian: Asad Mushtaq leaps in the air as he runs in to bowl                                   Photo: Tim Castle
Many more pictures from the game here...

Rainbow at Epping
After the rain: A rainbow fills the sky during the Epping innings                                      Photo: Tim Castle
Many more pictures from the game here...


Epping 141 (33.5 overs)
Ross    ct Ahmed  b Shah       15
Dhiru             b Hamilton   12
Hasan             b Shahzad     1
Rashid  lbw       b Hamilton    4
Ramesh  ct Ahmed  b Frisby     50
Reshad  ct Ahmed  b Frisby      0
Vansham ct Ali    b Saleemi     8
Sri     st Junaid b Frisby     14
Trevor  ct Junaid b Saleemi     0
John              b Saleemi     2
Aryan   not out                 2
Extras (b 9, lb 4, w 12, nb 8) 33
Total                         141

Syed Shah      5-0-9-1
Umair Shahzad  5-0-9-1
Talal Ali      5-2-15-0
Asad Mushtaq   2-0-3-0
Steve Hamilton 5-1-17-2
Peter Frisby   7-0-34-3
Asad Saleemi   4.5-0-22-3

Old Fallopians 147-2 (17 overs)
Asad Mushtaq  ct Sri b Hasan  37
Jakeria Ahmed        b Reshad 46
Mo Junaid     not out         50
Azaz Kahlil   not out          5
Extras (b 4, w 5, nb 1)       10
Total                        146

Ramesh  3-0-13-0
Sri     3-0-15-0
Vansham 2-0-26-0
Hasan   3-0-15-1
Reshad  4-0-58-1
Rashid  2-0-5-0

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