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August 8, 2017 League vs Broadway Market Lost by 7 wickets
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Played at Victoria Park. Report by Tim Castle

- One of our shorter league matches - all over within 19 overs.

- With many regulars holidaying or resting injuries, the team featured three mid-week debutants - Murphy, Howard and Jamshaid.

- Captain Huckle won the toss and chose to bat, as the cloudy conditions threatened to grow even gloomier.

- However, the captain's good luck was not to last and the first two overs saw the swift loss of openers Kafh (skying catch to deep mid-wicket) and Roberts (run out).

- Murphy and Huckle nudged the score forward in singles but first Murphy (run out) and then Huckle (caught) fell so that by the half-way point (8 overs) the total was just 32.

- Kumar scored a confident 20 but when he was stumped in the 12th over (with Haque already gone for 2), all hopes rested on a last wicket stand between Howard and Jamshaid.

- But once Jamshaid was trapped LBW in the 13th over, our prospects were looking bleak, with the innings all over and the tally an unchallenging 54.

- Broadway had little difficulty reaching the target for no loss, despite some decent Fallopian bowling (including some zippy deliveries from Howard). The weather even cleared for Broadway at the end, with the sun breaking through the clouds as the opposition romped home in the 7th over.

Old Fallopians won toss and chose to bat

Old Fallopians 54 (12.2 overs)

Laurie Roberts              run out   4
Kafh Hasan    ct Roberts  b Grubb     0
Paul Murphy                 run out   5
Andy Huckle   ct Grubb    b Sherwood 11
Naveen Kumar  st Doody    b Sherwood 20
Shamsul Haque ct Butchers b Burt      2
Ben Howard                  not out   6
Hamza Jamshaid              lbw       0
Extras w 4, nb 1, b 2:                7
Total                                54

FOW: 3-1 (Hasan), 6-2 (Roberts), 16-3 (Murphy), 30-4 (Huckle), 43-5 (Haque), 52-6 (Kumar), 54-7 (Jamshaid)

Grubb    3-0-11-1
Butchers 3-0-10-0
Burt     3-0-22-1
Sherwood 3-0-7-2
Roberts  0.2-0-1-1

Broadway Market 55-0 (6.4 overs)

Cam Roberts      not out 42
Durham Atkinson  not out  8
Richard Grubb    dnb
Russell Butchers dnb
Vicky Burt       dnb
Ed Sherwood      dnb
AN Other         dnb
Extras w 3, lb 2:         5
Total                    55

Kumar    2-0-7-0
Jamshaid 2-0-24-0
Howard   1.4-0-14
Murphy   1-0-8-0


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